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  1. Thanks guys. I will check those out
  2. Hi. Does anyone know if there is a place that manufactures new gaskets for the front parking lights? Thanks. John
  3. HI, I am turning my Cranbrook into a gasser and wondered if anyone has experience do this? My car is in a serious state of disrepair which makes it hard to find exact measurements, so I have a couple of questions: What is the hub to hub width of the front axle on a 51? How wide is the car at the front fenderwells? Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated!! John
  4. Thanks everyone. I think I'm likely to go with a Speedway kit for the front axle. Probably with a straight sub frame. Anyone ever put a straight axle on a curved frame before?
  5. Hi, Where would I find the hub to hub width for my Cranbrook front end? I am turning my Plymouth into a 4 door gasser and need any advice I can get, especially if you have any experience. So far I am thinking of getting a Speedway kit. I can't go stock because of the butchering and rot that was done to the car before I brought it home. It also has no steering, so any help with that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks! John
  6. Thanks. Is that from a current catalog? Happy New Year!!!
  7. Does anybody know what years of Plymouth share the same front end/steering parts? I'm still looking to make sure what is compatible with my 51 Cranbrook for a replacement spindle arm. Thanks. John
  8. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong spot... I need a control arm for the drivers side for my Cranbrook. The one I have has been poorly welded, I would rather have a replacement than have someone try to fix it. Does anyone know of a place that might have one, besides eBay? Or, better yet, does anyone have one laying around? Thanks. John
  9. Thanks Mark. I'm not sure if the 47 is similar to the 51, but did you have switch the control arms? I know if you use the lowering kit from Fat Man you do, but the passenger side arm only fits the Ford tie rod if I flip the arm upside down. Of course then the passenger arm becomes the driver's side arm.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a 1951 Cranbrook 4 door mild kustom. Almost all of the work was done by the previous owner. I am fixing the steering by putting in a Chevy Cavalier unit using the mounting kit from Fat Man Fabs. to replace the junkyard unit that was slapped on. I have to use the r and p to get the linkage around the 350 Chevy that is in it. The driver's side steering arm has been repaired or shortened, but I don't know which. Is there a resource that would tell me the stock length? Better yet, is there a reliable place to purchase a replacement? Thanks. My wife really wants me to get the car on the road as soon as possible. She's awesome! John.
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