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  1. He is on the Pilothouse forum on Facebook.
  2. Yes. Spare door that the bottom was totally wasted. But I cut the piece to the complete length so I didn’t have to add the small filler piece. It’s good to be back, but the truck is under wraps again till spring.
  3. I actually used 2 roofs. That way I didn’t have to add a strip. Having an extra cab gave me the extra upper windshield section, so no strip there either. It also gave me the piece I needed to make my new curved front bed panel. 😁
  4. I also lowered the upper windshield brow down 1 1/2” to even it with the rest of the openings.
  5. LOL! I fired my son. After 8 years of promises, I told him if I waited for him to get the bodywork done I would be too old to drive it, so I finished it myself. The headlights and fender tips are 53-54 Buick. I actually had a blast doing those. Did I get the grille from you? It’s been so long, I can’t remember anymore. 😁
  6. Thanks. Another member sent me an IPhone tutorial video. I am so appreciative!
  7. I cut the 4” out under the rear windows so it retains the stock glass.
  8. I do believe this worked!! Thank you!!!
  9. Hoping this pic comes thru. Please be patient, trying to learn how to upload pics.
  10. That helps a lot, gonna try this! Thanks!
  11. crud, I give up.......... shouldn't be this hard to post pics......
  12. looks like it worked this time! Been working like a madman to get it to this point. Now it has been put to bed till spring while I restore a customers trailer. It has 53 Buick front fender tips welded to the nose, I took an extra rear cab and made a new front bed panel, took the old front bed panel and made a new tailgate. It sits on a 91 Dakota frame and the top has been chopped 4 inches with an additional 1 1/2" lowering of the front windshield brow to make the window openings consistant.
  13. http://s410.photobucket.com/user/moparman4gzuz/media/CCB47126-D6F6-46EE-B0D2-C63B5D840364_zpsn5jogp3l.jpeg.html
  14. http://s410.photobucket.com/user/moparman4gzuz/media/B5E7E887-24DB-419A-828C-3070CDCCFD55_zpsdolxqza4.jpeg.html
  15. worked a lot this summer on my Pilothouse. Hoping this pic comes thru so you can check it out.
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