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  1. I put a 93 Cherokee rear axle (drum) 3:55 ratio on. The drive shaft did bolt up after all. The front yoke was gummed up with old grease, after it was cleaned it slid out to mate up with the axle. On the front axle I purchased new springs and reversed the eyes lowering another 3". I did use the Ford dropped tie rod ends and fabbed a new drag link from an old Ford tie rod with new moog ends. On the rear axle I raised the front spring mount and added shorter jeep shackles and flipped them. I'll send pics. Gary

    1. hd50pan


      Thanks for the comeback, I guess I will not know what I will be up against till I get the axle installed as far as the drag link remedy goes.Glad to hear you got the issue with the rear end solved. I went the flipped rear shackle on the rear looks great. I am dealing with the dreaded steering wheel removal now,will look for a puller. I will stay in touch sounds like we both have the same idea about how we want the rig to look,thanks again Gary, best regards,Gordy.

  2. Hi, have been following your thread on your truck build the last couple of years and have a few Questions? I also have a 53 pilothouse  and have sent the axle to Sids. I like the stance you have on your truck it looks sharp, I am about to go with the cherokee rear end like you did but wondered what the issue was with the drive shaft being to short? I read where several of the cherokee rear ends were bolt ups other than the perches.confused on which years to Purchase? Would greatly appreciate any info you can give at this point. I been waiting to see what you figured out for your steering hookup with Sids drop axle He recommended that I go with the drop blocks rather than the drop ford  tie rod ends.Sorry this is so long but have wanted to touch bases with you for quite awhile. I wish I would have hooked up with you when I was in Tucson in March. Well enough of this letter thanks for any help you can offer,Gordy


















  3. Hi name here is Gordon, I was reading one of your old posts about your 97 jeep cherokee rear end swap that seem to bolt in with out a drive shaft change. I wonder if the 1953 and 52 are the same shafts? I have read where Carl has put a 1987 rear in his which seemed to be a bolt in.Sorry to ramble on but ready to purchase a rear end and am trying to do the home work! By the way I have a 1953 B4B. Would appreciate any knowledge and expertise you can offer thank you Gordon.

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    2. pflaming


      my rear axle came from a '97 Cherokee, 2 wheel drive, (but the 4WD is the same), 3:73, with drum brakes. I paid $300 for it. 



    3. hd50pan


      Thank you very much, have a 98 located will check dimensions out tomorrow.

    4. pflaming


      If possible get an axle with disc brakes. Same amount of work but drums work ok also. Good lick

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