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  1. You still need the 10psi valve on the rear drum brakes .
  2. For what it is worth , I have two machines a walking foot consew 244 and an much much older singer slipper foot machine . The slipper foot machine was almost uncontrollable as it has a very heavy flywheel type clutch , what I did was take the clutch apart and apply vaseline to the clutch faces then wipe them off . the 244 I did about 30 years ago and have had 0 problems , now you can engage them slow and easy same for the singer .
  3. Have you checked fuel filter , fuel pressure and flow ?
  4. Just remember too much cfm engine goes slower! Size cfm under what you think you need . CFM = ci x rpm /3456 = CFM @ 100% unless highly modified you want to be about 80% .
  5. You can do the math , I don't know the max rpm or I would do it for you . So here is the formula .rpm x ci / 3456 =cfm. Hope this helps .
  6. Hello, I was just wondering is a RHD transmission the same as a LHD or did they use top shift units ??
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