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    My name is Garry McDonald. Happily married witha Plymouth in the garage....what more could you ask?
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  1. Likealeica, obviously in to photography! I'm in Northamptonshire and I too have a South African import, a 1948 P15 - with the 23" block. Do you know of Dallas Auto parts? They are in Berkshire and deal in Jeeps and Power Wagons. I got all the parts including Valves, pistons and cam for an engine rebuild from them. Also useful for plugs, points, condenser etc. There's an annual meet at Sywell Aerodrome of Plymouths / Chryslers - held in September and organised by Robin - keep your eye out for his postings. Welcome to the world of Mopar!
  2. Hi Billy Boy, I'm in the UK as well, I have a 1948 P15 with the Carter DG61 on, vacuum wipers but not the luxury of a heater (It's a South African RHD car so heater not really needed). I'm just rebuilding the carb and will be looking at a rebuild kit from the states or possibly Dallas Autoparts in the UK. Let me know if you want me to add a rebuild kit to the order. If you are looking at swapping out the Carter I'd appreciate first refusal on it. email me if you want to swap stories, I'm near Kettering Northants. Garry
  3. Please tell me that you have not sandblasted the block?
  4. I had a difficult starter on my 48 Plymouth sedan. Checked for the obvious with dwell meter, vacuum gauge, etc. and still it was hesitant. For me all it took was to clean the points on the regulator. Cost nothing, easy to do......just sayin'
  5. Hi Simon, Yes the picture was taken at Goodwood but it was about 6 or 7 years ago. Went down last year, we tend to go every other year and alternate with Stars & stripes at Tatton hall (Manchester) or ROG. I'm just doing the shock absorber bushes on mine and got them from SuperFlex (www.superflex.co.uk). Have a look at their web site and product No. SF468-9.9103 it looks like it might do the job - click on the data sheet and there is a part number 9.9101G measuring just under 2" Diameter and just over 2" tall. That may not be as big as the originals but, theoretically, they should rarely be used! email me on gsmcd@yahoo.com if you need help, sympathy or perhaps a limited amount of knowledge on these cars. Regards Garry
  6. Isn't this the part being listed by Roberts Motor Parts - Part No. P226 - $14.50 each?
  7. Hi Stanley, welcome to the forum. I'm up in the Midlands near Northampton and run a stock '48 Plymouth Special de-luxe. I imported it about 8 years ago from South Africa so, like yours it is right, hand drive. These ar great cars, good, simple engineering that are (usually) nice to work on. I have in the past rebuilt the brakes, the carb, the distributor and last year rebuilt the engine after the rings on 4 and 5 gave up compression. If you need any advice I'm no expert but will try to help. A good source of spares in the UK is Dallas Auto Parts - they specialise in Jeeps and Dodge power wagons. If you want to contact me either PM me or my email is gsmcd@yahoo.com Don't know if Goodwood is your thing but I am there this year, let me know if you are able to make contact. Cheers Garry
  8. I had the exact same problem after a rebuild on my '48 P15. After a lot of messing about I took the oil pump out and indexed it properly - it was one tooth out. Car started first time. Try the work arounds but my advice is get the pump right.
  9. I should have said, shipment has to be arranged by you!
  10. I am in England. I have a full chassis from a left hand drive car that I have no use for. It is in good condition with only surface rust. I don't know what car it came from but the engine number is P15 446352 If anyone is interested all I ask is a donation to this site.
  11. Northamptonshire - the Midlands in the UK Rockabillybassman I wanna do lunch.................. my place, you choose the time :-)
  12. Just rebuilt the stock short block motor on my P15. Everything seems fine with the exception of the oil filter. I have replaced the sealed by-pass oil filter with one that you can replace the elements in. Problem is, every time I run the engine it forces oil out of the top of the filter and deposits it on my drive. This is not pleasing my (usually) very understanding wife! The rubber seal on the canister looks good and I've tried really tightening it down but nothing seems to work. Regarding pressure, I'm getting about 45 psi on a reasonably fast idle. The dipstick is telling me to add another quart so I have not over-filled it. I have a 150 mile journey on Friday so if I can't find a solution it's back with the original sealed canister. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. Well, It's rings - on cylinders 4 and 5 compression test showed 10 PSI, on the other pots 95 - 100 PSI. Squirted some oil down the bores of 4 and 5 and they came up to 100 PSI. I have a spare engine so have started the strip down ready for a (probably) +40 rebore. I'm on a schedule here as the wife and I are booked to go to the Goodwood Revival in 7 weeks time. Think I better read posts on engine rebuilds!
  14. 4 years ago (yeah that's right just when the recession hit the UK) I started a business. It's been very hard and has not left me with much time for much else, including the forum. However, I have a couple of issues. One is that my P15 is running like a pig - backfiring through the carb and a misty smoke coming from the oil filler. From reading on here it looks like rings or valves. I think it's number 4 that has the problem. I'll get a compression tester at the week end and try and find out. The other thing is I was fortunate to buy a 'running' chassis a couple of years ago and have now stripped it down for the mechanicals leaving me with a remarkably good chassis. I don't have a chassis number but the engine that came out of it has the number 443652. Problem of course it is over here in the UK. I'm not looking for anything other than a contribution to the forum, I just don't want to have to scrap it. I'll help anybody but don't have a lot of time so keep that in mind and I can't afford to incur cost. If any one's interested reply on here or email me on gsmcd@yahoo.com
  15. Thanks for that Don, really enjoyed it :-)
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