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  1. I did ‘nt do this so any questions ask the author. Just thought I’d share. https://www.facebook.com/groups/459866857536143/permalink/1228839573972197/ here’s what you need. Column motor and control box.
  2. Someone did that already in my Plymouth,and put a12v in
  3. The guy that built my 51 said the 1980 Dodge diplomat rear was almost a bolt in .
  4. I 2nd this. My bonded ones do the same. A little sand then brake clean and it’s good to go.
  5. My first experience was my dads 48 Chrysler. it was big and blue is all I can remember. There was a story that we got 2 feet of snow over night. Dad tied a 2x12 board to the front bumper , got a running start, and plowed his way down the driveway. Cut the ropes when he got to the road and went to work. My self I had bought a 76 Roadrunner, dad had a slant 6 Aspen. Later I bought a 72 cornet for the winter. I finally stumbled on to my 51 Cambridge with a built up slant 6 a few years ago. Plymouth pics
  6. On my 51 i put a dab of clear silicone on some of the full wheel cover tabs. No more walking and i would have the hit a huge pot hole to lose a cover.
  7. Got them , I’m talking about Chrome frames. thanks
  8. For those of you that have the vintage 40s or 50s California plates , could you take some measurements for me? I need length and width. Screw hole to drew hole, and screw hole to corner. Im trying to find a plate frame for my Vintage 51 New York plates and I only find ones for California. Thanks Mike
  9. If anyone is thinking of doing NY , I’m doing it now. https://dmv.ny.gov/apply-vintage-plates Call this number and verify the plate before you buy. ( talk to a real person ). 518 402 4838 .
  10. This is what I have on mine, the mirror part was all wore out. I found some some stick on convex mirrors that covered the whole thing. Now I can see everything out of both mirrors
  11. Thanks for sharing, could go due to health reasons with the heat.
  12. I was hoping to get there at opening and run around until noon, but there saying 80 degrees at 8 am
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