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  1. That's a pretty slick job. The olds grille fits in there pretty good. Chop has good lines. It reminds me of a near-period perfect 60's home built custom. Too bad about the gauges and steering wheel and non-Mopar mill but just my humble opinion.
  2. Hi Jon, it's been dipping into the teens overnight here, so yesterday I re-installed my heater core and hoses. Nice and warm in the old P24 now. I lost a pint or so of coolant plus the core needed to be filled, so I topped off my 50/50 blend with pure coolant. Should be good to go for the winter. Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi Scott, all my spares are rough parts carbs, nothing that you could bolt in and go. But, my guess on your black smoke/running rich problem would be possibly a leaky float that is filling with fuel and sinking in the float chamber. You can tell a leaky float by removing it and giving it a shake. You can hear the fuel splashing around inside the leaker. I see rebuilts on ebay from time to time but they sure get a lot for them.
  4. Nice to see any old mopar getting a writeup like this. I wish mine were in 1/2 as good shape.
  5. Or, then again, it might drive like a pig.
  6. Gotta wonder why after all that time and money he's selling it after driving it only 122 miles.
  7. In went with Grundy. When I talked to them on the phone they said to just put in the application that the car may be used for some errands. I did that, and they accepted the application and issued a policy.
  8. I run the 306 plugs at .028". I believe my car starts quicker at that setting. I always thought 306 was a non resistor plug but someone here posted that it is a resistor type. Not sure which is right.
  9. There's a place in Texas called Terrill Machine. They can rebuild your old one. They seem to have a really good reputation with the folks who have dealt with them. I spoke to them about rebuilding mine a couple years ago, and it was around $80 including shipping. I found a replacement locally though.
  10. I hope you enjoy the forum. You'll find a wealth of tips and suggestions, and even an occasional opinion here. Oh and pictures...did someone say they wanted to see pictures?
  11. Joe, the trouble is, that's too darned pretty to bolt into a car and get it dirty.
  12. My old 55 Chevy was like that. But on my P24 the key used to stay in until switched off, so I suspect something is either worn out or gunked up.
  13. One thing to consider is the total cost. Besides the carbs you may need to buy adaptors to fit them to the manifold, linkage components, and air filters and maybe adaptors for them as well. I've been considering switching away from the Ball & Ball carbs and those little extras add quite a bit to the cost of the carbs. I run two Carter B&B carbs on my 218. It runs great. The problem I have, here in the south, is engine heat causing the gas to boil in the lines and in the carb float bowls when you shut it off in hot weather. The engine floods and the car reeks of hot gasoline. Towards the end of summer I switched from Shamrock and Chevron gas to Shell and the problem mostly went away. Last week I filled up at a Shamrock station and the problem came right back. Maybe too much alcohol in their gas. Other than that, the B&B carbs run great on mine.
  14. I notice lately that I can pull the key out of the ignition when the engine is running, like on the old Chevys. I figure it's either a gunked up set of tumblers or very worn tumblers. I have several ignition keys and it does the same with all the keys. Has anyone else run into this, and any suggestions on a cure, short of replacing the switch?
  15. I think you might be the first forum member in Italy. Welcome to the forum.
  16. Bingster, I have a Monroe shock dimensions chart. For the 5752, it says it is 8.625" compressed, and 12.75" extended. 4.125" travel. Loop fittings on both ends, with a 5/8" diameter bushing hole and 1 5/16" bushing depth. If you have your old shocks you should be able to take a few measurements and compare to the 5752.
  17. Oh yeah! This is a neat car, and he drives the wheels off it too. Rumor has it, he just got hitched. Earlier this year he took it from the east coast to Austin Texas for a little shindig. Here's his motor. Pyramid power! I recall seeing that blue chop at the 2008 Grand Nationals in Pomona, had less primer on it then. I like the chop but was never a fan of those Packard grilles, even on Packards.
  18. Lee, in Tonawanda, wasn't that called the "solar heater"?
  19. BK, I am impressed. A two Mopar family. Congrats. You really had the old Plymouth shined up nice for the wedding.
  20. I think this is the one my Mom had on me.
  21. I wish mine was cleaned up that nice. Someone at the post office today asked where I got my wagon. I told them, Joe's House of Rust.
  22. Haven't taken a good shop injury picture since the throttle return spring/finger piercing episode.
  23. The cardboard works good, even in the garage, if you're planning to spill something like ATF all over the place. I had a wood creeper, didn't work very well. A buddy gave me a nice 6 wheel creeper with an adjustable headrest, it eases a lot of strain on the neck muscles. I oiled all six casters, laid on the creeper on my concrete driveway with a slight grade, and rolled right down the drive, out of control, until I cleverly stopped myself by ramming my head into the floor jack handle.
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