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  1. Very cool. That is a classy looking Plymouth wth the visor and skirts. Zsolt, welcome to the forum.
  2. Zip codes? Out here in #24 they just drop all the incoming mail at the state line and we have to go find ours. We like it that way.
  3. You'll be cruisin in style come springtime.
  4. Ed, think I saw that movie recently. I believe it was one of the versions of War of the Worlds.
  5. Seems like someone posted a table not long ago. I can't find the thread in the search though. There is a thread on some specific models and lengths with a partial table out of a Hollander book. http://www430.pair.com/p15d24/mopar_forum/showthread.php?t=18537&highlight=drive+shaft+length
  6. Robert, I've been offline a bit, did I miss a thread about a repaint of a repaint? Sounds scary.
  7. Easy. Wrong number of stars in the flag for circa 46-48:) Edit: Rodney your car is a beauty. 40-41 coupe is my favorite Plymouth body style of them all.
  8. Joe, for your test run, you really can get by without a choke. Just be ready to flutter the gas pedal a bit while it's dead cold. I run with no chokes and even in freezing temps it fires right up and runs. Just needs a couple minutes of warmup before hitting the streets in cold weather.
  9. Wow, you have your work cut out for you. The floorboard repairs look nice. Your windlace is about like mine. petrified and crumbling. What do you have in mind for the rest of the project?
  10. I was lucky. The defroster duct under the dash was still in great shape. On the 53, it's the under hood duct between the heater core/box and the firewall mounted blower fan housing that goes bad and that's where the dryer hose came in.
  11. Anyone recognize the song or the group? Pretty neat music for the clip. I guess maybe it's a Euro-group.
  12. Thanks, I have 2 or 3 people on my Christmas list that I wanted to get some subscriptions for. This will come in handy.
  13. I did the glass cloth on my cardboard glovebox liner and it came out great. Really strong. At some hobby supplies, you can get a much finer weave of cloth, it's thinner and lays down great. My heater duct was too far gone, so I improvised with some 4" dryer outlet hose, painted flat black. It fit right on to the blower housing on my firewall (53 style) and in a fit of Rube Goldberg-ism I fabricated a hose fitting on the heater box end out of an aluminum dryer outlet duct. Looks pretty good really, and gets the air from one place to the other.
  14. I think the SBCs are popular not only because they made so many, but just open something like a Speedway or Jeg's catalog and see how many people are making optional stuff for them. from intakes to headers, valve trains, cams, pistons, cranks, you-name-it, someone makes it for a small block. Usually quite a few choices in every category, like headers. I have a friend who has built two nice Deuce roadsters with Ford 302 EFI powerplants, and he says the coupe he is building now will be a SBC. He made quite a colorful remark which I won't repeat about the relative power of the 302 vs a chevy
  15. I agree it's way overpriced. Also agree, the craigs list deal, $2500 on a solid original with a parts car is almost to good to be true. Reg, I confess, I lifted your jar of money but I stopped in Vegas while making my getaway...
  16. Adam, once the thermostat opens, rev it a little and the old and new coolant will mix together. You'll know because both the upper and lower hoses will be warm to hot. Careful of the fan when you're checking the hoses, don't ask me how I know. It will take a while to open the thermostat at idle in cold weather, even with the cardboard blocking the airflow. If your old stuff was 50/50, I'm guessing that filling the entire rad with 100% mix will be stronger than a 50/50 total mix.
  17. Woodie, you are obviously a real photogenic guy.
  18. Cool. I'll bet his favorite movie is "Transformers".
  19. Not sure what those buckets are out of but they look like something that would have been used back in the day. I had a 55 Chevy and I put a pair of Corvair buckets in it, they fit real well. Looked a lot like those.
  20. How are you going to feed that hungry 440 C.I. monster?
  21. They sure look purty at that stage.
  22. Shel is right. Might be pressurized. To tell the truth though, my 53 is listed as a 7 lb, but I tore the gasket off the cap first thing and I've run zero lbs for many miles with no boilovers or problems.
  23. Wow, you have some really nice Mopars in your neighborhood. Your dad's car is a really nicely done job. And the 40 coupe, and the hemi powered 5 window...very nice. Not to mention the clean P15.
  24. Zero pressure is correct. If you haven't cleaned up the outside of your old radiator, a lot of times the leaks will show as greenish stains on close inspection. My old honeycomb rad had signs of a little seeping, but the worst was, it just seemed to run hot. I bought a recored unit, not a period correct core, and a big dent in the tank, but boy does it run cool. Don't let any radiator shops pressure test your rad unless they understand what's up. I had a local shop pressure test a '53 heater core and they basically blew it apart.
  25. Heck Joe, installing with the front cap off, I hope you had at least a blindfold and one hand tied behind your back. Just kidding. I can't wait to hear how it goes from here. Nice work.
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