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  1. Single pics open fairly fast, say 30 seconds or less. Single photobucket pics are the same. Thumbnails are the best, and I can decide whether to open the larger version. The ones that take a long time are posts with a whole string of photos, like the test message that Tim posted with the door latch work, or links that open onto a whole photobucket album. I can work with it though. I really like the new site format.
  2. That would be a help Tim. On the positive side, on the old forum, once I clicked on a message with a large photo file, even my stop button would not interrupt the download. Couldn't go to the next message, or back out, until the whole giant file was viewable. On the new one, the stop button seems to work instantly, allowing me to back up and go to a different post without waiting for my machine to break loose.
  3. I'm one of the dial up folks. Those multiple photos stop me in my tracks. Trouble is, there's no icon or indicator to alert me that I'm clicking on a takes-forever-to-open-message. I used to avoid some of the posts on the old forum for that reason. Guess I'll have to turn off all photos in my preferences, too bad. By the way, I decided to use the screen name from some other forums I use. Norm Carter
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