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  1. Well Ed, I am sure you are much smarter than people that do it day in and day out for a living. I tell you what, this is a good forum, but the few a$$holes that think they know everything, and have to show it to everyone tends to make me think it's really not worth messing with, so I am going to leave this all to guys like you and rusty tool, and use my time for more worthwhile endeavours. have fun. Joel
  2. Fred that head looks like it will clean up nice. Maybe we will just start handing it off to anyone going north, and relay it to you. Do you know who is the closest forum member to you on this side? We might be able to get it close enough for you to pick it up without having to go too far. If you or anyone else can use anything else off that engine I will be glad to take it off. This block is cracked so I will be scrapping it, unless someone wants it. I have another 251 coming in the next few weeks, and it is supposed to be in "running" condition, and I will post pictures when I get it. Joel
  3. Good job Fred. A guy gave me a 251 Spitfire today that has a cracked block. It is supposed to have came out of a running DeSoto some years ago, (but the numbers C48-109341 seems to indicate a 1950 Royal or Windsor, so it was possibly swapped at some time) and everything is on the engine, and although it is nothing I personally need I thought someone might need some of the parts. The crack in the block looks like it could be welded pretty easy, but as I don't need the engine I don't care to pursue if, or how much trouble it would take to fix it. The head and manifolds look good. The crankshaft turns with indication of compression. Too late to get a picture tonight, but if you or anyone need anything off this engine they can let me know. Joel
  4. Great truck, great pictures. Joel
  5. Any chance to have it shipped by rail Joe? Joel
  6. Nice pictures, and a very nice Ford you have there Robert. I have always liked that color. I didn't get it exact, but as close as I could. Joel
  7. Local farm implement dealer used to say he'd stand behind everything he sold except the manure spreaders. Joel
  8. Looks like a dinosaur car. It's alive:eek:
  9. I'd like to have the brake setup from the backing plates out off that 59 Plymouth, but it's too far to go to get it from here.
  10. Need 15 minutes and 5' of rubber hose to teach a lesson to whoever did this.
  11. I've had several big things (like some heavy old doors for a 36 Plymouth) shipped greydog this past year, and it's dang sure cheap, and they arrived just as quick (within a week of having been shipped), as some of the stuff that comes UPS off E-bay merchants that claim they have designated shipping days, and your stuff just happened to have been bought just too late to have it shipped right out, ect.. A lot, no matter how it's shipped, depends on how quick the shipper gets off his a$$ and gets the stuff to the terminal. Where it has to be picked up any place like at the Tulsa bus terminal, located downtown, a guy probably would want to be sure and do it in the daylight, judging from some of the spoonbills I saw that routinely hang around there panhandling, and worse, and that's all I have to say about that....... Joel
  12. Being you don't HAVE to have it fixed to be able to get back and forth to work next week, and have the inclination, go ahead and dabble with it. I have freed tractors before and was able to reuse some, (if not most) of the parts back for "running it' purposes. You will automatically know in your heart of hearts when the time is right to grab that hammer and pound, pound, pound...that low down, no good, sorry son of a suck egg mule right on through and into the dirt.......and then, all will be right with the world, once more. Joel
  13. Welcome to the forum David. Can't wait to see your truck. I have some PT50 parts, if you are lacking anything let me know. and I will check to see if I have it. Joel
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