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  1. Unfortunately, I won't be able to complete this project and am looking to give it away. Any takers? Message me for specific details.
  2. Kevin, I would be interested in factory gauges. Regards,
  3. Well I went back to my truck this weekend and took some more pictures. It turns out there is no plate on the firewall or the door post. Here are some pictures of the truck as it sits. It does appear to have a two range rear axle. More later,
  4. Paul, I'm a newbie and just found this thread. Wanted to commend you on your resiliance through the challenges. I wasn't able to read all 16 pages but wow what a spirit you've shown. On the subject of the building have you considered a cut floor style service galley? It would allow access to the bottom of the truck without using a lift and you can put blocking in to close the floor when not in use. I really like the idea of a tan floor. Wonder if I can convince the wife? Regards, Jimbob
  5. Turns out it's a three ton truck with a single speed rear axle. Still working getting more info and a picture of the firewall plate. The VIN starts T314 though. Oh it's also a 51 not a 52. Regards,
  6. Thanks everyone. Once I dig it out of the shed it's in I'll post a bunch more pictures. At the moment I can only get to the front three or four feet. The label on the generator is green so I'm going to go with the assumption it is a 12 volt system. The truck was red from the factory and appears to be complete. Someone added some electrical doodads on the dash that I'll have to figure out but all the gauges are there and look to be in good shape. The seat still has decent springs and a good cover on it. It will need door glass and rear window glass. Not the bent windows but the
  7. I'm fixing up a 52 Dodge at least enough to get it rolling home. I have a few questions for the wise folks here. What is the standard spark plug. The Champion J8C's that are in it are toast and I managed to snap the ceramic on one as I was removing it for cleaning. Is there a good source for a new master cylinder? I'll need to get the brakes working before I can move it. I found that I can get a cap and rotor at NAPA for a little over 20 bucks. Any idea of part numbers on the points and condensor? I saw a manual for a 52 on Ebay. Has anyone purchased it and does it do the job of giv
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