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  1. I don't own one...yet. They sure are pretty! I found one I really love, but I suspect it is way out of my price range. Rob
  2. They are really handy if you have an issue like a stuck starter, or horn contacts stuck together. It can also save your car burning up if there is a short that starts smoking...it takes a long time to disconnect a battery cable. Rob
  3. I got a reply back from my inquiry about the red Dodge. While really nice, it is well beyond my budget of around 20 thousand... It was nice they they replied so quickly though! Rob
  4. Mike, Best of luck with the sale of your car! Wish it was the one for me, but... Rob
  5. Bob, You're darn good at this search and find business! It appears it is a rental, but I E mailed them anyway just to be sure... Thank you for your time and help! Rob
  6. Tim, I got the info. Thank you for taking the time to help me, it is appreciated! Rob
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for the post! Sure, I'd be happy to look at what he has and get more details! Rob
  8. Harold, Good idea, thanks! I just posted there too! Rob
  9. Does anyone know who owns this car? It is tagged as a 1952 Dodge, and is of course a business mans coupe. I'm interested in the build details, and if it is for sale. Thank you, Rob
  10. Donald, It was a rather poorly composed shot...
  11. PF. It is 14' long, and 7' high. I'm willing to look at anything, though a project isn't really what I'm after. I enjoy building and creating things, such as restoring vintage trailers, and building personalized versions, but grease monkey, other than basic maintenance and minor upgrades is not my favorite thing... Other than the trailer, the only thing I have to trade currently is a 1960 Nash Metropolitan. Rob
  12. Thank you, That combination is very handsome! The fastback style would go well with the trailer...but I will likely only have it another year or two. As soon as I'm done building the trailer I'm working on, it will go up for sale. The new trailer design will be different, and the lines of the coupes are really enticing... Rob
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