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  1. I use Standard Transmission in Ft Worth, TX. They have had all the obscure parts I have ever needed and they know their stuff.
  2. The A833 trans used in later model Mopars (60s-80s) came as a 3 spd w/OD (4spd). Its tough as nails and also made it into some GM products (trucks) as late as the 80s and early 90s. Good aftermarket support at a trans supply house. I plan to use it in my build behind my Hemi. I am pretty sure the input shaft is the right length too. The T5 was very prolific starting in the mid 80s and carried into the early 2000s. Also good aftermarket support and a wide variety of gear ratios. The T56 is a 6 spd (2 ODs). Too expensive IMO, big and ratios are all geared toward V8 cars. The T3650 from late mustangs is a 5 spd. Came in V6 and V8 versions. There are some others out there but they are pricey and geared toward v8s as well. I use T5s in all my cars. I have built several. Ill be glad to answer any questions that I can.
  3. You may also want to put an anaerobic sealer on the studs before you screw them back into the block. My car is affectionately(not) know as the sprinkler due to its propensity to leak passed the myriad bolts that go into the water jackets. That was my lesson learned when I did my motor.
  4. I saw you have the same car. I'll probably pester you for info periodically if that's ok. My car is all original, but having an alternate info source is a real benefit
  5. It turns out my 54 Plaza wagon has the wrong gas tank. It also turns out that its not exactly common. It should have a big divot in in to fit around the spare tire well. I have seen some other tanks for sale online like late 60's belvedere and some darts as well that look like this. Is there anyone who can point me to a close enough or exactly the same as? Or maybe a salvage yard/repop supplier who may have the correct tank. I have exhausted all the leads I have. I have called all the repop shops and called everyone they recommended. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I just converted my car (54 Plymouth) to 12V as well. I am working through the conversion too. As was stated, the motor is indifferent to the swap from positive to negative ground. The motor will ground through the case by way of a jumper strap that circumvents the rubber mount. The first thing you should be watching for is the motor speed. how fast is it going on 6 volts? How fast on 12V. It should run twice as fast at 12V than the 6. So first get it to work w/o the resistor. If it runs fine like that but not on the resistor then likely your resistor is knocking your power down to far to start your motor. Electrical power is current*voltage (P=IV) so your resistor may be burning off too much.
  7. Thanks all!! I have never had a car w/o at least a drivers mirror. I have no intention of mounting one. I just thought it was really strange to not have it. Personally the fact it was optional (and not opted for) just makes me like the car more. I love unique.
  8. My 54 Plaza wagon only has a rearview mirror on the windshield. There are no holes, mounts etc on the drivers door, and no MIRROR. Did Plymouth really make that mirror an option? My car is very original (and no options), but obviously its possible someone removed it and competently filled the holes to a point where I cannot find any evidence of it.
  9. pretty car, and yet you came back to the MOPAR camp. Love the tri power set up. Those cars look really good in that color. Ill check the tunnel. Thanks for the heads up, I never expected it to be offset.
  10. ive been worried about the fit too. I don't want to clip the car. I went through your build post, saw you set it over an inch, that's got me worried too. I want the car to be a period correct hot rod. I also don't want to alter it. I don't plan to keep it forever and I want the next owner to have the option of putting it back to stock. So no modifying anything that isnt readily available or bolt on. I am a machininst and engineer so I planned to design all my mounts to look like the factory hemi mounts on the Chryslers if possible. I know I am setting the bar pretty high for myself, a normal person would just clip it or go gasser on move on. Im into Pontiacs, so I aint right in the head anyway. The real time to be determining this was while the car was apart. But as I said, I aint right. Im going to keep an eye on your build thread, and keep doing my home work. Im not in a rush to start this as I just got the car together this month. Ill start collecting parts, taking pictures of other cars and driving it with the flatty. Every part on this car is worn out anyway, its is all original. I have plenty to do on it, as well as my other cars
  11. Thanks for the pics. You did a really nice job finishing out the inners. I absolutely love multiple carb set ups. I keep getting told to stay with a single 4, but I don't like the look. What intake is that? I see you are using the SBC water pump. Was that a space consideration? How are you to the rad now?
  12. I need to revive this thread. Anyone have a source for the correct springs for the 54 clutch? I am going to rig something up for teh time being, but those springs are long gone. Id like all the correct linkage anti rattle clips and spring if possible. Thanks Chris
  13. Yep, thats what it should look like. My freeze plug came in a freeze plug kit. I got it from Bernbaum. It was pretty reasonable. It installs with a ball peen hammer. I am pretty sure the procedure is outlined here on the forum. The service manual or a period Motors Manual will also have the installation procedure.
  14. HI Adam, thank for the feedback. Do you have a rough Width of your engine compartment SO I could compare to mine? Is it possible the dimensions are basically the same 47-54? I Sort of expected having to ditch the wheel wells and go to fender well hedders on the car. Its actually good news I can rework the inners to fit the Hemi. I am running a 6 PSI cap on the car. Probably contributed to the sprinkler syndrome. I like the added margin the pressure adds. Especially here in TX.
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