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  1. After changing oil (car on jack stands) I noticed when I turned the steering wheel to the far right there was a small amount of lash. So I turn it to the left stop and found even more lash. I put my magnetic protractor on the steering wheel and rechecked the lash 10deg right and 30deg left. Is this something that should be looked into? There does not appear to be any Lash in the center.

    Car is a Dodge d5 biz coupe.

    Thanks in advance for your reply


    1. Dodgeb4ya


      Some last at ends of turns is normal. Center position with the slightest lash is good.

    2. bones44


      Thanks again for your help.

  2. This is what I adapted to my 37 D5 starter See more like this 1935 1936 1937 1938 Plymouth Dodge Desoto Chrysler NEW Starter Pedal Ret Spring Brand New $12.99 Time left5d 8h left (Wed, 09:26 PM) 0 bids +$6.95 shipping Watch
  3. Tanks Inc in Iowa $250 1937-39 Dodge and Plymouth Poly Fuel Tank From Tanks, Inc. Product Details High-Density Seamless Polyethylene - Heavy Wall Construction Dodge & Plymouth Passenger Car Patented Baffle - Tunnel - Minimizes Sloshing Pickup Tube & Vent - Top-Mounted as Required by Federal Code Remote Mount Rollover Vent Valve 2-1/4" ID Fuel-Proof Connecting Hose Neck in Stock Location - Does Not Require Trimming the Inner Fender 16 Gallon Capacity Overall Size: 37" x 18" x 7" Accepts All 5-Hole Senders - VDO, SW, Classic, etc. Mounting Straps Included Click here to view our Fuel Tank Accessories.
  4. Check out this web site http://paintref.com/...ar=1939&rows=50 many options to check colors. weather they are factual or not I do not know
  5. Back in my tractor pulling days I ran nothing but Champion plugs with no problems. as stated: Different strokes for different folks.
  6. I love the look of the red motor.  I notice the absence of a radiator fan.  I assume you have a pusher electric fan in front of the radiator?

    1. bones44


      Yes, a 16" pusher.

  7. check out best Gaskets for rear seal
  8. I need to replace my D5 crank out windshield seal. I have removed it from the car but am unable to remove the framework to replace the seal. Shop manual not much help and I have also checked the search site. Is there a secret to getting the frame loose without breaking the glass? I have called several automotive glass installers in the area and they say it is too old and do not to take on the responsibility. Any suggestions?
  9. I need to replace the water pump backing plate gasket and was wondering if someone could tell me what thickness of gasket material to use. I have contacted Fel-Pro and the only way you can get said gasket is purchase an overhaul kit. Will a thicker gasket alter the performance or flow of the w/p or is that not a factor?
  11. For the heater motor Speedway Motors has a 12V to 6V motor reducer. part #m91064103. I have one in my 37 Dodge and seems to work fine.
  12. Using a wildwood M/C on my 37 Dodge, kit comes with remote reservoirs. Wilwood Disc Brakes 260.docx
  13. I am using a by-pass spin on oil filter on my 230 and did not loose any oil pressure were a full flow set up would. parts used were a Wix by pass filter head 24755 ( e bay) an a Fram PB50 by pass filter.
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