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    i have a stock 34 five window plymouth also a 38 five window plymouth hot rod

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    I am a 55 year old with a 34 five38 five window, i live in NV where cars dont rust!!
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  1. Sounds good That’s why I’m asking, never have tried this so just checking. Thanks
  2. So I primed the pump on my new rebuilt motor. I want to prime the block. The motor has been sitting for about 3 years. It was built by a good shop, I did inspect and they did a good job of covering the cam with grease. I don’t want to turn the motor to get oil pressure if the grease is dried up some even with the spark plugs out. Question is, can I prime the motor from the filter inlet line to get oil to the crank and cam ? I don’t have an old oil pump to take the gear off of to go that route. Thanks
  3. Ok thanks, would you know the size of the pads ? No one I can find has them available so I will have to make some up. I can bolt it all up, then measure them for size if you don’t have that. Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone, I could use some info on the mounting hardware needed for my 34 radiator.I lost all my photos and can’t remember if there was any rubber garments under, on the sides and on top of radiator. My car is original. Pictures would be great if you have any. Thanks
  5. Thanks very much for the info. It has been a long time from when I took this apart. This helps a bunch 👍
  6. I am at the point of putting my gas tank and tale pipes on my 34 coupe and I can’t remember how the gas tank straps go on. I lost all my photos of my disassembly. This car is stock. Any one out there that mite have a few photos ? I have new stock straps for the 34.
  7. Thanks for the info I will check it out on the options.
  8. Ok thanks, I was leaning that way too. That's what I will do. I have another question for you if you restored your interior, there is tack strips that have a wound up material in the channels did you do anything with that that wold work in that channel, some of my strip is in the channel but I am missing a good portion. Thanks again
  9. I have a question on my 34, on top of the trans and under the crossmember there is a gap between the two is there a rubber boot that goes there to stop dust and water from entering. Nothing was there when I dismantled the car for restoration. I cannot find any info on this. Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone, I have a 230 on the stock 34 bell housing but I did not have the stock 34 starter. I saw a post saying the 34 starter is smaller than the later starters. So at this point is there anything I can do to keep the 34 bell housing, the trans has the shift tower on the trans crossmember and I want to keep it that way if possible. Thanks again
  11. Can anyone tell me the physical size of the 34 starter, how big around and length, i am missing it and dont know what to look for. i tried a later model but was to big, i think it was a 40s starter. i am looking for one if anyone knows
  12. Thanks, i thought about helicoil but very sceptical about doing that because of running the bolts in and out often. trying to stay stock. if all fails i think the studs are best. Thanks Rob Have a good day !
  13. I need a new hub for my 34 Plymouth PE the bolt holes are bad. Dose anyone know what mite interchange or ho can repair the threads for the wheel bolts. my drum is in very good shape Thanks Rob
  14. Dose anyone out there have a source for transmission parts for the 1934 plymouth. i am needing main drive pinion part #601065 and sliding clutch part #601071. i am watching ebay any other direction would be great. Thanks
  15. Dose anyone know the torque on the rear axle shaft nut for the 34 Plymouth or the best way to install the drums. i dont want to over tighten the bearings?
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