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  1. Imagine their surprise when got home and found that the odometer works while towing.
  2. Six here, also. It's shaped different than the five.
  3. If you don't have a low gear position, you have an M-6 transmission.
  4. If you can move the shift lever out and down from neutral, you have a three speed transmission.
  5. It's not likely that the shaft moved. That would mean the throttle platea had come loose from the shaft. More likely the lever is loose on the end of the shaft.
  6. Not having new cork gasket to replace the broken one on my distributor, I got a large O ring at the big box store. I thought it was important because I frequently hose down the motor with water and I don't want it leaking into the crankcase. Yes, it will seep oil out if there's no gasket. Use the cork one pictured.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Ask whatever you want, somebody here knows. Post pictures please.
  8. Mine did that too, until I put a new coil on it. All fixed.
  9. WHERE ARE THE DOGS? You shouldn't leave part of the family at home when you go out to play.
  10. That's what mercury feels like when you shake it. Think of it as a liquid steel ball.
  11. Typo, I'm sure. 46-47 use 6.50x16. 48, 6.70x15.
  12. Did you put a tiny dab of grease on the point arm so it doesn't wear down and close the gap?
  13. Autocorrect makes you say things you didn't nintendo.
  14. With the engine off, have an assistant press the accelerator to the floor while you look down the carb throat to see if the throttle plate is actually opening all the way. Linkage is adjustable.
  15. Some timing lights work on low voltage also.
  16. The shot of gas has to start at the first movement of the throttle plate.
  17. That's really clever. Artists see things much better than I.
  18. Stopped or moving at a slow speed, the steering wheel is harder to turn, but driving is much easier. Tread width problem? Dunno.
  19. If it's only 1/16" or so, you could just file the notch in the shoe web a bit deeper.
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