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  1. I still had his cell phone number here on the private messages but I’m getting the message from Verizon that he is temporarily unavailable. I might still have his wife’s number on my other phone. He called me once from her phone, I grabbed the number, and I ended up annoying her several times until I figured it out.
  2. It turns out I haven’t call Paul F since I bought this new phone. His number is not on it. I’ll go dig out my old phone and boot it up.
  3. We have had some problems with Verison lately. I don't have probs with my ATT landline. I quit calling Paul on the phone as he was 90% deaf and couldn't understand me on the phone. Maybe I will try tomorrow, and with luck his wife will pick up the phone.
  4. I was looking at a bike with an SRAM derailer and 10 or 11 cogs on it and the guy told me that no way will it work on my seven cog bike. I think it had plenty of range, and adjustable limit stops. With a homemade friction shifter it should work with any number of sprockets.
  5. What derailleurs does that have? I’ve been looking for some better ones and I can’t find anything as good as my old Suntour. All these Shimanos I see for sale seem flimsy.
  6. Biggs and Littles, as they say. I still gotta ditch that knobby, or shave it.
  7. The Mongoose with different seat, kickstand gone and all the ugly decals and badge stripped off. Looks almost too good to cut up. The Huffy frame has some tapered & hydroformed tubing in the frame.
  8. Building a frame jig to weld bikes:
  9. Good Lord! I haven’t seen the land of Wisconsin in 50 years! I bought some more bike tools and another new bicycle just for parts. I actually bought a whole bicycle just to get the front wheel tire and tube. It had a minor defect and I got it new for half price. The whole aluminum wheel bike for less than the cost of a single bare steel wheel at the bike shop: $75! The cassette and the shifter are better than the one on the mongoose and I will probably be swapping them. I’m working on a steel rack and trying to clean up my work areas some more so I can be efficient instead of stumbling over stuff. My youngest daughter turned 40 and she bought her second house this year. My eldest daughter just sold a house in Fresno that she bought six years ago and she got 2 1/2 times what she originally paid for it, in cash. Two days after open house started. Fresno California has the hottest real estate market I’ve ever seen in 45 years here. WhooHoo!
  10. You’re giving me the urge to get off the beaten path.
  11. I didn’t think this one would be as good because it doesn’t bolt to the floor but it is so heavy, this thing will never fall over. The thing that amazed me is that it goes up so tall. What sold me is the giant vice grip clamp. That thing is indestructible. I paid $220 including the tool tray. I’ve seen these online for $430 + Tax and shipping, without the tool tray. There weren’t many signs of wear on it. The decals were ruined there were a few paint scrapes. The guy I bought it from was an amateur would gotten hit by a car while bicycling & suffered a spinal injury. He had a steel ladder screwed into his spine when he was launched 70 feet through the air into a pile of garbage cans. He had to give up wrenching and riding. The guy that sold me the mongoose the next day didn’t seem to like the bike much, but he wasn’t riding because he too had suffered a back injury and has had his spine fused. I was going to buy a more expensive version of this bike for the parts, and a guy bought it right as I was walking into the bicycle shop. It was the last one in town in the bicycle shops, so I ended up with a much less expensive used one. Anyhow I’m thinking about staking myself outside the orthopedic office with a sign that says “bicycles and motorcycles wanted, any condition considered, cash paid on the spot.”
  12. I’ve been working on the bikes a bit and I bought this used park bike vice off of craigslist for about half price. This is a serious heavy duty stand. It was well worth the money. I have been riding the Manhattan bike every day now. I’m going to build a larger and more comfortable bike. This one is very speedy and I like to ride it, but it just seems small and girly to me. Anyhow I want to build a custom bike & I have been looking for fat bike parts all over town. I have not even been able to buy a complete new bike with fat tires. So, I stumbled across this unused 2014 Mongoose Malus on craigslist, and I picked it up today. This bike still had the tickets and the owners manual with it. It was bought and just put away in the garage, and here it is eight years later. I guess the guy didn’t like it but it is like new. I hopped it over some curbs, but it hasn’t been in the dirt yet. It’s still has the nubs on the tires. Now I have to explain to my wife why I’m going to take apart another pretty bicycle for parts. See, I just bought this lightly used Schwinn bicycle for parts as well. I already stripped out everything except the headset. There on the ground is the mock up for my new bike.
  13. 1.433 Oz on the Hornaday scale.
  14. I posted this picture in here, on the shot gun club, and on the bicycle club, and I got quite a few comments. But there’s something nobody noticed and I didn’t notice it either when I went for the first ride. Near the bottom of the front wheel there’s an oddly shaped magnet stuck to the spoke and it is from an old computer hard drive. I knocked it off the workbench and I never did find it, but now I know where it ended up. I didn’t notice the bike feeling out of balance as I was riding, it but I’m gonna go ride the bike with and without that magnet on, to see if I can notice the difference. It went about 3 miles so far and I never noticed it on there.
  15. Every year they have the lumberjacks jamboree about 30 miles north of here. There’s food and dancing and it’s always like 100° because it happens on 4th of July. They climb poles, saw logs, chop logs, and throw axes. I was in the bleachers watching when someone’s axe cleared the target, just barely clipped the top, which sent the axe spinning vertically over the safety fence. 30 minutes earlier there was a line of people standing outside the fence waiting for tickets. Fortunately there were only stragglers left and the axe landed between them.
  16. Wow! I almost forgot the purpose of this thread: “show us your bike”
  17. I got the bike all together recovered the seat and took it out for a ride today. My 1950’s Sturmy-archer had the long nut with a window in it so you could look in and adjust the cable. This one not does not look like a hardened bicycle nut. It looks like a cad-plated grade 5 for a lawnmower. I cut about 8 inches off of that shifter cable last night because it was just waving in the breeze. I think it originally had to negotiate around a basket up front. I did not have a tiny brass ferrule to crimp back on the cable, and so I did a little field expedient. You bend back the strands of the cable 180°, about 5mm long. You bend them all carefully, one at a time, until all are facing the wrong way. You don’t have to bend them so tight that the hard wires snap off. . . just tight enough that you can gather all the ends together with your left hand & stuff the threaded sleeve on with the right hand. You will not get them all exactly the same length and it really doesn’t matter. The long ones going first and then work your way around to get the short ones in last. When the last short end goes into the tube, you just start screwing it on to the cable until it bottoms out. It turns out this is a very strong method, & you can do it in the field with a small pliers. In a pinch you can do it with your fingernails, but your fingers are gonna hurt afterwards. I used needle nose pliers.
  18. This is a hardened 3/16” screw & skateboard nut, plus two sealed mini ball bearings & small flange, scavenged from an old hard drive. Since replacing the plastic Chinese Sturmey chain roller and pin with these precision sealed balls, I am Shifty Mc Shift Face! Well I’ve got the bike cleaned up and running nice except that I lost the master link clip, the shifter cable is way too long, and I need to recover the seat. All the bearings were okay once I got them cleaned up, except for the crank set. For 30 bucks I got a sealed bearing crankset, and for 25 bucks I got that tool to install it. The guy at the bike shop pulled my old crank arms off gratis, but I bought an extraction tool from him anyway. I didn’t put the front brake back together. I’m not going to use it because it’s putting damage on that front rim. It’s probably past the normal wear limit. I’d like to get a front disc brake hub and rim already assembled. I hope it’s not five times as much as I paid for the bike. I bought some new tires and I bought new tubes but it turns out the tubes had Presta valves. I had no idea. I never had anything to do with racing bikes. They were too delicate! Anyhow I patched the old Schrader valve tubes and put them in. They will be fine for now. I flushed out that hub as well as I could. I put it upside down and sprayed oil up, under pressure, and let it run back out. I got quite a bit of dirt out of it. I blew it all out with an air hose and did it again. I blew it out again and let it drip-dry. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the rusty little chain and everything seems to function quite nicely. I used Deep Creep, which (unlike WD-40) has good lubricating qualities and is a good solvent too.
  19. I don’t have enough projects, so I bought this beater bike. It’s filthy but it’s not very old. It’s a Manhattan “Green” and I paid way too much for it because it has a Sturmey archer AWC(mk2) three speed with coaster brake. These hubs are not English-made Like the ones I have rebuilt in the past, but made in Taiwan. Anyhow the hub seems to be okay if just slightly gritty. Otherwise I don’t really like anything else about this bike. It will be ok to ride when it’s finished, but nothing special. There was mud in everything. It’s like somebody had thrown this bike in the lake and pulled it back out a week later and then left it sit in the weeds in the backyard for a year in the rain and sun. I had to replace the bottom bracket or (what we used to call the lower set or crank set) And I got a modern sealed unit for $30. Of course the tool cost me $25, so I can adjust it. I had to buy a crank extractor as well because my little puller wouldn’t remove the steel cranks. All the rest of the bearings were salvageable as well as the chain but it took a lot of cleaning. The frame looks straight and all the welding looks good, but I didn’t care much for how the rear stays weld to the seat post clamp, and the seat post clamp is permanently attached to the bike. I’ll have to recover the seat. It was slashed. The foam was moldy. Way too much foam! This one has aluminum wheels and is the first one I’ve ever had with aluminum wheels or metric wheels. They seem to be in pretty good shape with no corrosion & no dents. They are both still very true (!) so Color Me Happy. The tires were rotten & the tubes each had two patches on them, so I bought new ones yesterday. Unfortunately they have painted spokes and they have a little bit of rust on them so I am going to strip every spoke and clearcoat. Well maybe not today. Let’s get this thing together and see how it rides.
  20. Ulu


    I have been to a hot cap shop in Glendale Arizona back in 1963. I saw exactly what you described. What a filthy business that was.
  21. Ulu


    I remember having a retread on the first car I ever owned and not understanding why the thing was hopping all over on the freeway. I exchanged it for a much better retread at some dinky car shop in the sticks of South Dakota.
  22. Ulu


    Amazingly, nothing. I told my parents right off that I'd screwed up. They must have been impressed that I told them before the neighbors did. The neighbor actually never even noticed the little hole in her glass, until we went to tell her. I got some shooting advice about line-of-fire or some such. That was about it.
  23. Ulu


    I never saw the whole thing. I do remember shooting at a steel pole as a kid. It didn't ricochet though. I missed the pole and put a hole in the neighbor's sliding glass door. I have no idea what that cost my dad. 🙈
  24. Ulu


    When tires got 10k~15k it wasn't too bad, but now that they run up to 5 times that, you don't want to deal with the fatigue factor.
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