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  1. Thanks for your help.Its much easier when you know how.
  2. forgot to add 1948 plymouth
  3. Could one of you tell me how to release the shaft on the head light switch to remove switch from dash? Thanks Hugene
  4. where do you find 12" chrys drum parts
  5. My 48 coupe has 218+.60 over two carbs duals and 3.73 dif. and o/d. It will cruse 65+ all day long
  6. Could some one out there tell me how to get the headlight switch out of dash in a 1955 Plymouth ? I don't see how to remove the nobs. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks two all. I may have to redo my speedo because I thank the color change is neat.
  8. Hi guys, my 48 ply speedometer changes color (green to white) about 40 mph. I thought it used to be about 50. Any thoughts or ideas ? Thanks
  9. scruff

    ammco 1750

    Thanks Don yours is better than mine Gene
  10. Good morning to all. As the new proud owner of ammco 1750 brake tool, all is in good condition except the instruction sheet .Do any of you have a good copy I might get ? If so please let me know . Thanks Gene 352 754 9879
  11. I think this site basically does a good job. Why don't you guys put on your big boy pants and get over it
  12. Would one of you tell me how to install grease seals on top upright/A frame 48 ply ? thanks
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