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  1. First off, thank you to all have contributed to content related to these fickled Mopar brakes. I didn't anticipate so many nuances when I took on the task of rebuilding the brakes on my '54 Dodge Meadowbrook. So, I have a rookie question (please forgive me). I pulled apart the front brakes and cleaned up the inside of the backing plate with Grease Lighting. After scrubbing on it a bit I managed to get the plate clean (pic below). That said, I am not sure if the inside of the plate was originally painted and/or if I should repaint the plate prior to reassembly. Thoughts? Thank you. Dave
  2. Already bought fresh Carters from George, ready for the intake and linkage! Can't wait!!!! Thanks Tim.
  3. I just replaced my water distribution tube a couple of months ago and had the same issue. What we did was simple squeeze the new tube together just a bit and it finally went in.... Before doing that the exact same thing happened where we'd get the tube in about 1/3 of the way and it would bind up...
  4. Bmartin, thanks for posting the build thread. I've always admired you're car... it's awesome and will be awesomer with the power plant and tranny.
  5. My '51 Dodge, lowered 3" in the rear. Mostly all original except for the paint.
  6. I spent the extra $$$ and bought the dual master set up from AAJ brakes. It was well worth the spend, especially for the added security of having a plan B if one of the masters fail...
  7. I went with a dual from AAJ Brakes... Wasn't cheap but good quality... Wanted the safety of a dual... AAJ was great to work with and it was bolt on...
  8. Looking forward to the read... Maybe you can get George online at some point!
  9. SQ4MN, thanks for your posts... I really enjoy reading how it was "back in the day in SoCal". Reading how we set up our cars... Like you said, to each their own. That's what makes this hobby so enjoyable.
  10. Subscribed... BTW, is good you're setting a precedent now with you're wife to be... Letting her know that you'll probably always need "garage time"... Once the wedding is over things will change... I'm just say'n... Good luck...
  11. For what it's worth I replaced my MC with the dual master cylinder set up I had AAJ Brakes build. It was a little pricey, but went together well and I like the added security and safety. http://www.aajbrakes.com
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