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    Cornwall Ontario Canada
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    Cars trucks and motorcycles. My kids and family
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    The project cars are the 56 dodge panel truck and the 51 Concord. Panel truck has been a long term project. Hoping to have it out this coming summer. It is a hot rod ,318 OD trans 4 link rear caddy tail lights Etc...<br />
    The 51 Concord is an original car but will be upgraded to a 340 auto 8.75 diff and ECI brakes.

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    An old guy loving my mopars
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    Retired Fire fighter and trophy shop owner


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    Cornwall, Ontario Canada
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    Cars, trucks and motorcycles

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  1. I have a 340 in my p22 with a a500 overdrive out of a Dakota (85) It is fine when driving but brutal when parking. I would be intereted in the brkt setup as I'm not sure where to start. I setup my brakes with a hyda boost out of a Astro van and am running it through the power steering pump I feel the pressure in the pump is high and a little hot but working well. That part is done. I figure I will shorten the steering shaft near the firewall because right now it is very close to the exhaust manifold. It is time to put the car away this coming week so the swap won't be untill spring. I like to get my parts and bits together before jumping in with both feet so I will have time to do that. Thanks for help it is appreciated. Barry
  2. I did a search and found that there is a soft steering and a sport steering. I think the soft(standard) will be fine.
  3. Thanks , I didn't know about the different ratios. What should I be looking for?
  4. Hi Folks, I am thinking about putting a rack in my 51 p22 with a small block 340. what year Cavalier is tipicaly used. I will go with a power rack. Thanks
  5. Friend of mine had a simiular problem on his 58 desoto. Turned out to have been the pressure switch.
  6. Hi , has anyone swapped out to a jeep sway bar. I think it is posted here some where.I'm going to do this on my 51 and 54 Plymouths
  7. Yup ,it goes pretty good. the ID for the engine is on the left side and it is stamped IND 265. Hard to find daul carb intake and headers up here though. There are some for the 23 inch motors but very few. Good luck with the swap.
  8. Hi, folks, I have a 54 plymouth wagon with a 265 Industrial engine. Its Canadian and is a 25 inch engine. I love it. Best thing i did is put an overdrive behind it. This car came from our western provinces and I suspect it was from a combine or water pump or something. Anyhow it fit into the car with no problem as I believe Canadian cars came with the 25 inch motors.
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