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  1. Do the switches go out or do they just not work until you have the pedal pushed ALL the way down? I had the same problem until I switched to a switch that operates on lower pressure, meaning it turns the brake lights on as soon as you touch the pedal, instead of when the pedal almost reaches the floor. I have been using mine for two years now.You can buy them from Ron Francis Wiring at: www.ronfrancis.com
  2. 96,000 miles and counting on my 49 1/2 ton
  3. When I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s and drove old cars and trucks I always used to seek out the old mechanics wherever I lived because they were the ones who knew all the little tricks about working on the old stuff. Little tricks like knowing that the old stuff makes alot more acceptable noise while running and driving than new stuff does. I.E. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." ( All the while doing proper maintenance of course ) Now that I am turning 55 I find that most of all the great old time mechanics are gone or on their way to being gone. Guys who would be my father's age or older. So recently while thinking I needed to find an old guy ( for a particular issue) who has years of knowledge working on old stuff I realized that he who I sought after was in fact myself. We are it, us new old-guys. Not to say a young feller doesn't know stuff, in fact all you young guys are the old guys of tomorrow who the next set of young whipper-snappers will be looking to for old vehicle knowledge. And not to say that just being old makes me/us a master of all old automotive knowledge either. In fact I rely upon both the young guys and the old guys on this forum for the wealth of knowledge you guys possess. I have to admit that over the past 35 years or so of working on old stuff that I have probably forgotten more at this point than I have time left to re-learn. But I'll keep my old '49 running with the help of all you guys despite myself.
  4. Anyone ever run into the same sort of problems with fuel pumps from Bernbaum or Roberts that have been discussed about napa fuel pumps? I'm talking pins falling out.
  5. I would buy a set of those straps. My 49 had them but only the metal ends remain.
  6. My wife supports me having my 49 pilothouse because she likes us using it when we promote our garlic farm. We named the farm Victory Garlic in honor of the Victory Gardens of WWII. Not that she helps me work on but she and my daughter do help wash it.
  7. Television News and Sports Cameraman.
  8. You can find a low pressure version of the original style at RonFrancis.com Brake light come on much quicker with one of these.
  9. Cool but obviously staged with trained animals.
  10. Vazlov1949

    1949 Pilothouse

    1949 Pilothouse
  11. Vazlov1949

    1949 Pilothouse

    1949 Pilothouse
  12. Vazlov1949

    1949 Pilothouse

    1949 Pilothouse
  13. Bum steer = steer with a bad leg. Slows down the cattle drive. Will probably wind up as dinner with beans some night soon.
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