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  1. Paul, Any ideas what type of New Process. I do know it's a NP 4 speed spur gear...is that all the farther I can go with the model type? I didn't know it there was a model number ex. NP420, NP435, etc.
  2. Jeff, I appreciate the time, effort, and all of your information. I know more about the transmission today than I knew yesterday. Thanks again. Travis
  3. I figured out how to post the pictures so here they are.
  4. My case casting number says that it's a Warner. The casting number is C-38661. I'm very confused as the casting numbers say Warner but the logo says NP. Did NP make a spur gear? The reason why I need to identify the transmission is because I want to replace the gaskets, seals, and bearings. Travis
  5. I need help identifying my transmission. The casting number on the case says that it's a Warner. This can't be because of the NP logo right? The case casting number is C-38661, and the top casting number is C-39871. It has two different production dates...50' and 51'. Also there is a large 3" "S" stamped on the top. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried to download the pictures but the file sizes were too large.
  6. Jeff, Thanks for the information. Is that a New Process or Warner transmission? The reason why I ask is because the transmission repair manual on dodgepilothouseclub.org says Warner makes the spur gear but my transmission has an NP stamped on the case and top. Can the spur gear also be called "up to" or "after?" Thanks again for all of your help in identifying my transmission, Travis
  7. Hank, Is the top transmission 4 speed spur type transmission a NP 420? Mine looks just like that and I'm having difficulty identifying it. Thanks, Travis
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