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    ford, dodge, plym, currently trying to get a 47 dodge truck back on the road with a engine swap to a 265 chrysler. Internet is saving my bacon in obtainig parts. P15 d24 forum is life saving.
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  1. The hole is threaded, Key stock meaning square and recessed. Your correct in stating tight fit, I have already broke one plug I have in a spare block. The block I am using does not have a plug so I just need to spend some extra time figuring out what will fit, just assumed someone reading posts has already walked this mile and knows the specs of the plug. Thanks
  2. Another dumb question At the rear of my CH265 on the left side of the block there is a hole with a rubber "O" ring seal. I assume it would carry oil to the fluid drive tranny which I am not going to use. I" guessing the hole will need to be plugged to accomidte the change to a different tranny. The plug (I have two in other blocks) is machined for a "key stock" type tool which I do not have access to. Already broke the shoulder off of one trying to use a socket extension. Easy fix would be to just purchase a know plug but don't know the spec's. Any expert advice? thanks
  3. Don, One of your photo's showed a flywheel set up to take a bearing for the pilot shaft. Is the housing for the bearing something you milled or off the shelf. As it stands today I am leaning towards the set up you developed for your car. Having said that could you give me a bit more info on the bearing set up. Also from what I have learned you may have also cut the tranny shaft, correct? thnaks
  4. Great posts, thank you both, It seems I am inching closer to some hands on. Will definatley investigate the T-5 possibility Don. Appreciate the photos, seeing the product definitley works better than my imagination. Have a great Day!
  5. To, Wayfarer Your info on the 172 inch flywheel makes sense as the fellow who did the rebuild on my six cyl spitfire thought the starter (six Volt) and flywheel did not match up. So it seems maybe the flywheel/torque converter may have come from a 57 or later with 12volt? My bell housing is from the 218 and has brass shims for the clutch release shaft. Do you know who if anyone sells the bearings for the shaft as well as the brake and clutch arms? Thanks for the info.
  6. Good stuff, Isn't Your 25" DeSoto motor basicly the same block as my spitfire? Did you have to modify any thing to make the for bolt flywheel match up with 8 bolt crank? Did a machine shop do the work on your bellhousing? What about the pilot bearing, I read where some of the fluid drive cranks were not drilled out to receive the bearing? My block is on an engine stand and cannot see if it can take a bearing. Sorry about the volley of questions. The Dodge 25 inch block with the very heavy four bolt flywheel, 146t did come out of a big 1940 dodge dually, I beleive the seller said it was a 21/2 ton. motor #TTT2*197403*. If not a 230 what could it be? Thus far (following forum info). I have installed New rear motor mounts assuming I will be able to use the original bell housing, moved the front cross member (motor mount) forward two inches, Frame was factory drilled so just had to remove original rivets. It seems there are radiator mounting holes two inches forward from the originals, hopefully that should allow for the 25" block to fit right in. The original 218 is stuck but not ruined, and the other 25" seems to be a candidate for a rebuild. I was going to load them up and head for the scap metal farm but.................should I keep them? It seems the Dodge population is growing and maybe their worth saving. I eliminated the idea of using a four bolt flywheel because of the additional torque created by the larger ci 265. It does not seem you are concerned about the four bolt. Any advice?
  7. Have noticed the innerface difference with the two starters I have also the torque connverter flywheel is 172t verses 146 on my fourspeed flywheel. I do have a 25inch dodge block I assume is a 230 with a four speed but is also a four bolt.
  8. Hi Don, Ironic that you replied, During my quest your name has popped up several times with the most recent being a very enjoyable conversation with George Asche. Appreciate you have reached out, Admitedly I have limited knowledge about this topic so any info is good info, sorting it all out is another story. My project is a 1947 dodge 1/2 totally stock with an original 218 and original four spped tranny. clutch is 10 inch, flywheel is four bolt 146t. I have not obtained any parts for the conversion thus far hence my questions. The parts I mentioned came about from reading forums. The 265 I have is a C53 chrysler spitfire. It came with a fluid drive 8 bolt crank. it is totally rebuilt and worth saving. I would like to limit changes as much as possible but understand some will be required. Before you ask, the reason for the switch to the spitfire 265 is "just because".I desire to give this ole dodge truck a new life and still have something just a little different than the other guys. Not pretty but a reliable driver. Down the road I most likley will be doing some business with George Asche but for now I just want to get the truck roadworthy. I consider your advise as golden. Thanks
  9. switching from a 218 to a chrysler 265, chrysler has a eight bolt crank, Understand a six hole flywheel with 146t will work for my 10 inch clutch and fours speed manual. would appreciate any information on starter issues and overall concept.
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