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  1. Hi Everyone, Restoring a 1939 Plymouth Truck, does anyone know what color the transmission should be? Thanks!! Jim
  2. Just realized the gooseneck is pointing to the left, the old one was straight ahead. May have trouble lining it up with the radiator.... Can I just change out the neck? Thanks again!! Jim
  3. I forgot to mention, I also got the transmission, flywheel, starter, etc. Pretty much a complete setup, which is why I wanted to use it. Definitely not a show truck, guy just wants to drive it again in his lifetime Thanks again everyone!! Jim
  4. Well crap, I was told it was an early 40's Dodge engine. Yes, it is a 23" Head. Do you think this would fit into a 39 Plymouth Truck with minimal modifications, or should I start looking for a different engine? Thanks everyone for you help!! Jim
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently bought an engine for a 1939 Plymouth Pickup.I was told the engine was out of a 1940's Dodge. I want to make sure I order the correct gaskets for it. I found the following numbers on the engine, I'm hoping this could lead to the right gaskets. I did an internet search, but came up with a bunch of different answers. 1484929-46 (Block Casting) 59 7 31 TP23 818 (stamped on pad) 1676337-1 (Head Casting) 1311805 18 (Intake Casting) Thank You James Bradley
  6. Thanks Everyone, I am a little confused, would a Plymouth one fit, or be too small? Thanks! Jim
  7. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know where I can get a front sway bar for a 1941 Chrysler Windsor, or what years/model will interchange? I bought one for a 1942 and definitely won't fit. Thanks in advance for any help Jim
  8. Hi Desoto1939, Checked with Andy, no brake drums Keeping an eye on Ebay. Thanks, Jim
  9. Hi Everyone!! Anyone know where I can get a new set of rear brake drums for a 41 Windsor? Thanks in advance Jim
  10. Hello Everyone, Does anyone offer rebuilt steering boxes for the above? Or can anyone recommend a good place to get one sent to be rebuilt. Right now I have about 8" to 10" of play, worse when I hity a bump. Tried adjusting the screw on top and removing some of the shims. No luck... Thanks!! Jim
  11. OK, ordered a new generator and after "polarization", I now get 35V out of "A" with "F" grounded, while disconnected from the regulator. As soon as I hook up the regulator, I get about 1.5V out of the generator. I traced the wires from the generator to the regulator and they appear to be hooked up correctly. I quickly grounded "F" while the car was running and the generator jumped up to ~18V output, with ~!6V on the output of the regulator. I only did it for a few seconds, was worried about damaging the generator. Any thoughts? I also tried grounding the case of the regulator, no luck. Thanks, Jim
  12. Did the polarization test as well. The generator spins when hooked up to the 12V. Reinstalled the belt, still only about .5V out....
  13. OK, I disconnected the wires to the generator and ran the test shown in the above diagram, got zero out. It is a new BBB 9112 generator, which is supposed to be a good one. Is it possible I got a bad one?
  14. My apologies, you are correct. It has the stock amp meter. It is a negative ground system and I did reverse polarity on the meter as part of the conversion. The needle goes negative when I turn on the lights or het the brakes. Is there an easy way to check the generator or regulator to make sure it is outputing? Thanks, Jim
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