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  1. Would anybody have a 1946-1948.5 Plymouth convertible the could obtain a bow height for the rear curtain? We are putting a new top on ours and the old one was not correct. Many thanks in advance for any assistance..
  2. Apologies for the confusion. I have two housings and three different thermostats. It’s a bit of mess trying to piece things together. Thank you for the pointers. I think I can find what I need.
  3. That thermostat is just not right. Anyone know a part number for this one?
  4. You guys are awesome and full of knowledge! I blew the camshaft out of the oil pan on my other motor in December on my way to my sisters to bake cookies. Not sure what the cause was yet, motor is still in the car. Attempting to get the replacement up to snuff and doing everything I can to prevent that mayhem again. Keep the knowledge flowing!
  5. Does this look correct? Seems to me the t-stat should sit down in the head.
  6. Attempting to put a new thermostat in a 218. Is the new one pictured an update? If so, any ideas on how it goes together?
  7. Thank you for the advice! I will check the oil pump when the engine is assembled closer to completion. I have Permatex for the water pump. Just wanted to be certain it would be okay to use.
  8. Greetings and salutations! Currently I’m doing an engine swap on a 1941 Plymouth sedan, no updates, still a 218. Using the original service manual has answered most of my questions. I am stuck on a few things. One, what kind of gasket sealer should I use on the new water pump? Two, how do I know if an oil pump is good with the engine on a stand? Many thanks for any help!
  9. Greetings! Does anyone know the differences in the P15 Deluxe and P15 Special Deluxe trims?
  10. Would be cool if the kids got into cars! Ours are still a bit young, 6 & 9. They still show prospect. Don't give up! Or tell them they can't drive unless they build their own. ;-)
  11. Awesome to hear your story and run into another gal into working on cars. I am only an apprentice backyard mechanic. I got the basics but can't diagnose a thing. More power to ya, Miss!
  12. It's taken a long while but we got her put together this spring. Her name is Bettie. She ran so well that we chose to take her to the Hot Rod Dirt Drags in Monte Vista, Colorado. Won 1-3 against a big black merc. Blew up a second flex plate and found out the steering column needs a new bearing. Even with that she drove there and back home without a complaint! Woot!
  13. Need wiper posts and under dash arms, please and thank you

    1. 47 2 Door Coupe

      47 2 Door Coupe

      We went with electric British car wipers from an MGB and they work slick! '47 2 door Coupe

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