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  1. Is your choke operating correctly? If it is staying closed it will reduce air flow and increase fuel causing stumbles and bogs.
  2. I know I haven't been on in a while (life gets in the way sometimes) but I will try to get back on here a little more often. As far as a fan clutch goes, your engine doesn't have a fan clutch. It's a purely mechanical fan that spins the same speed as the water pump. Freeze plugs are made of very soft metal that is meant to expand if the water in the engine block were to freeze, thus preventing the block from cracking. When you remove it you will destroy it. I doubt you will have to play the waiting game as just about any parts store will have them in stock. Freeze plugs come in a wide array of sizes, and the parts store more than likely has yours in stock. If you are getting a little hot at idle but it's cooling back down while driving I would suspect your cooling system is clogged or blocked somewhere. I would start with a really good flush (both the block and the radiator), replace the water pump and the upper and lower hoses (cheap insurance and it's extremely easy to do.) I noticed mine would run a little hot and kinda rough after an extended drive then coming to a stop and idling, so I did what I mentioned above and now she runs cool as a cucumber all the time. I sat at idle in traffic on an 85 degree day for nearly 15 minutes waiting for a train with zero hiccups. These engines are extremely simple to work on, you just have to get to know it a little bit. I have been using mine as a daily driver for the last few months and I'm loving it!
  3. I discovered I have a load of GL-5 in hiding....I hope that will do the trick!
  4. Even if I can get 1/2 of it out that's better than ignoring it and hoping it isn't low! I have a small suction pump that I have a small rubber hose attached to for draining PS fluid reservoirs so hopefully that will do the trick.
  5. I am wondering now if I should somehow drain the steering sector and refill it with clean gear oil? The rear differential is number 2 on my list so buying gear oil just makes sense.
  6. I have not checked it, but now that moves to the number 1 spot on my list of things to do. Should I discover it needs lubrication, what should I use?
  7. They most certainly are! I drove her last fall when I first got her and she seemed really tired and lethargic, the bias ply tires up front wanted to go every which way and it was rather scary. This feels like a whole other car! I drove her to the local napa to buy a few washers to shim up the exhaust flange bolts to help quiet down the small leak I have going on and boy was there a crowd around her! The parts guy even gave me the washers for free, said my hard work paid off and I should get a reward. He saved me about 75 cents but still very cool of him!
  8. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Early this morning I went to the local tire shop and had two new radials mounted and balanced for the front (already have radials out back), came home got them installed and promptly did my pre - drive safety checks, hopped in fired her up and drove a few blocks to the gas station. After brimming the tank I decided shakedown time is either now or never, so I drove a few miles through town, hopped on the interstate and cruised down to the next exit, came back through town to the house all without a hitch! The presto matic worked like a charm every time! She seemed kinda boggy when first getting on the interstate but after a few seconds it cleared up and she cruised along at 65 like it was nothing! I am back home now enjoying a celebratory beer and I feel just pure elation. Man this is a fun car to drive! Welcome to Cloud 9, population ME!
  9. I left the older hose on it for now and I may leave it for a few days then switch it to the new one, this will give the coolant a bit of a chance to kinda flush out any bigger chunks. I used the garden hose with a pressure nozzle and flushed the coolant tube and the water jackets. To my amazement not much in the way of junk came out, just a second or two of pinkish water then it ran clear. I did the same with the radiator before installing it. I let her sit and idle for a good 30 minutes or so varying the rpm and she never got close to overheating. As I was prepping the radiator for paint I was using some 150 grit to get rid of the paint and at the same time it really brought the brass to a nice shine. Instead of painting it I decided to leave the upper tank exposed brass and I think it looks really great. Pictures to follow! She gets new front tires tomorrow then it is time for a shakedown cruise!
  10. Thanks!!! For now I will reuse the old hose until I can find/buy a new spring. The lower hose I took off has a date stamp from just a few years ago and is in pretty good shape, so it should hold up for a little bit until the correct part can be found.
  11. Okay so quick question, and hopefully I can get an answer right away, but if not that's cool...I am replacing the water pump and hoses and all I could find for lower hoses said "without spring" or just the universal bendy type hoses with the spring molded in. The lower hose I took off is this universal type and the hose I bought is a pre - bent direct fit part but has no spring. Is the spring required in the lower hose to prevent the hose from collapsing? I have the radiator out and I am painting it now so I have some time before I put this thing back together. I am either going to install my new hose as is or reuse the existing hose depending on the advice I receive here. Thanks!
  12. Thank you!!!! I feel like the work never stops, but then again that's how it goes with old cars. There is always something that can be improved or fixed! Immediately after posting that I went into the chat room and plymouthy Adams told me that is how they are supposed to work. That's one less wiring gremlin to deal with, now to get the rear working correctly and I will be in like flint!
  13. Steering Wheel After Mirror installed Danger Will Robinson!!!
  14. Yesterday I also decided to tackle the kick panels. The passenger side panel was in about 3 pieces so it was junk, the driver's side was seriously deteriorated but still maintained its overall shape so that was my template. I traced the pattern onto the backing, cut it out then stretched the material over It and dyed it the same (as close as possible) silver that I used on the window frames. I think they turned out really well and they definitely look a lot better than the ugly exposed metal that was there before! I also decided to fabricate some small panels to cover the exposed area at the bottom of the B pillars between the doors. The carpet didn't cover this area and the material covering the B pillar just stops about 4" above the floor, so it was just exposed metal and looked ugly. I considered painting it but decided against it due to overspray issues. I took a small piece of cardboard and just cut it and shaped it until it was the way I wanted it, then traced it onto the backing and stretched some extra material over it and colored it the same as the kick panels. I am decently pleased with the way they came out, but I am thinking these will be temporary until I can come up with something better. Steering wheel before
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