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  1. Hi all Is the rear window glass on a 49/50 plymouth special deluxe flat or curved glass? Additionally I was wondering if anyone out there knows where i could possibly get a rear window for a 49/50 P18. I have tried most of the vintage auto glass places, but they seem to only deal with flat glass. Cheers
  2. Hi Plymouthy Adams Thanks for the picture, is that for a negative earth?
  3. Hi all, I have a bit of a charging problem though. I have a 12 v regulator but I'm not sure how it’s wired to the generator and from the regulator to the battery. It’s a 12v system and the generator is charging and goes up to 16v. I have D and F terminals on the generator
  4. Hi all I have an ez wiring 12v kit in my 49 P18. Most of the wiring is installed and working except the generator. On the generator I have F and D and the wiring I have is Alt Power and Alt Exciter. Does someone know what connects to where? Cheers
  5. Hello wise forum. My 1949 P18 has been converted to 12v at some point in its life. It currently has a 12v Lucas M45G starter. The starter has decided that it doesn't want to play the game any more and is kaput. My question is, is there an 12v aftermarket starter available for the 218 230 that bolts straight in? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi tub, thanks mate. Any idea where I may be able to get a new clutch and seals in Australia?
  7. I went out to my shed, next thing I know my 49 Plymouth fell apart. Probably just going to be a gasket overhaul, cleanup and a new coat of paint to start with.Get out there and build something.
  8. Thanks mate. Do you know where another one can be sourced from?
  9. Hi all I have just inspected my 1949 Plymouth clutch throwout bearing assembly and there is a broken tab. The part number on it reads 86286. I have conducted a search in the internet but the other Plymouth clutch throwout bearing assemblies look longer. Just wondering is it safe to use or should I try and find another one? I will remove and change the actual bearing. My 1949 is an Australian delivered P18 3 speed.
  10. Hi Andy and B-Watson, I have found another photo of an Australian 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe. As you can see there is both Chrysler / Plymouth lettering on the hood. So I believe that the Australian 49 P18s had both when sold here. This is the 3rd 1949 out of the 40 I have found here in Australia. Cheers
  11. Hi All Just wondering what would have been the factory colour range for the 1949 P18 Special Deluxe? I'm just trying to work out what colour my 49 Plymouth would have been from factory, cheers.
  12. Hi Andy and B-Watson. in regards to both the Chrysler and Plymouth being on the hood I believe that it may have been an Australian thing to have both names. Here is another photo of an Australian P18 Plymouth Special Deluxe and it has both names on the hood.
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