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  1. My vent window latch is not present on my 50 Suburban. I don’t see any way to repair or replace. Am I required to replace the vent glass frame? thanks in advance Dave
  2. I’m updated my 50 Plymouth Suburban and it’s dash time. Most of the dash chrome is pitted. I’d like to know how you guys with this issue have felt with it. Can it be replayed? Can it be blasted and painted? Looking for ideas. Thanks in advance TexasWino
  3. Anyone know what it requires to increase rear spring width to 2 inch? Do the hangers on the frame have to be replaced or can the mod be accomplished in the shackles? Thanks
  4. I was afraid it wouldn’t. Thanks for confirming
  5. I'm working on a '50 Surburban and am wondering if a 51-52 hood will fit. Anyone? Thanks in advance dave
  6. FYI $45 dollars later I can report a rear 4 door hinge upper hinge will not replace the upper 2 door hinge
  7. I was hoping for something a little more definitive. I hate to spend $$ only to find 52Desoto is different
  8. I recently purchased a 1950 Suburban in relatively good condition. The drivers door has a loose upper hinge pivot and I am about to source another hinge. I understand a 4 door rear hinge is the same and usually in good condition because of less use. My question is what other Mopars share the same hinge? Dodge, Chrysler, Desoto? 1949- ????? thanks in advance Dave
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