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  1. Welcome and what a nice car to start this journey with. As was said above, more pictures please.
  2. Just out of curiosity. What are your toe in settings and is your steering centered? The reason I ask is that on my 1948 P15 the steering was not centered and my toe in was excessive. This made it very hard to steer and the steering did not want to return to center after making a turn.
  3. Welcome mhjarrell. That's a fine automobile you have there. As mentioned above proceed slow and cautiously it will pay major dividends in the end. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the wiring and battery cables. The battery cables should be 0 or OO in size so that they can carry the higher amperage requirements of the 6 volt system and your wires to the coil and ignition should have good clean connections. Also on the battery cables and wires, if you see that the insulation has lots of cracks then most likely the wire inside will be corroded and create extra resistance which will add to th
  4. Does anyone know of an alternative clutch assembly that will fit my P15? I am wanting to install an overdrive transmission from a '52 Plymouth and thought I would go ahead and put in a new clutch assembly because my old one is weak and out of adjustment space. Those assemblies that are called for the original are in the neighborhood of $350.00 or more for the pilot bushing, TO bearing, pressure plate and clutch plate. But you can pick up a new assembly for a similar year Chevy for about $200.00 less. As always any and all help appreciated.
  5. Welcome and take some before pictures so you can see your progress in the future.
  6. Concerning the gray paste, that sounds like abrasion on metal. Too tight as suggested prior maybe. As far as the fender bender that's just bad no matter which way you look at it, but hey it's only possessions and they can be repaired plus no one was hurt so that's a positive.
  7. Welcome and that's a nice looking car. You said you needed an accomplice? What do you need and where are you located? I'm sure there's somebody in your neck of the woods to help out.
  8. Have you got a link to the seller?
  9. Hopefully it'll take minimal work to free up. I'd spray some good penetrating oil like PB Blaster in the bores and on the valve stems and let her set a day or two then proceed slowly. But like you said you'll know more when you scope the bores, check the oil pan and pull the valve covers.
  10. Stock as possible? Positive ground is the way.
  11. Looks like a good one. Please keep us posted on the updates.
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