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  1. Update: I ordered the Cleveland style universal joints from Roberts Motor Parts. Part# T389 needed two (2) front & rear. Both sets came with new bolts, locking tab tips and new matching knurled holders. I placed the order 6 am Tuesday California time, They showed up @ noon today ( Friday ). Took 2 hours to install them, cleaned up and back in the wind before 5 pm LA traffic I'd say a perfect replacement part.
  2. Yeah, Thought it was too good to be true, Found it @ Roberts online called to make sure. I have not checked mail today but was only ordered yesterday morning along with a gas tank sealing kit from Bill Hirsch for another project; Nice when extra cash come in and the bills are paid. I will keep ya informed.
  3. I just ordered a set from Roberts, $ 165.00 shipped. Let you know how it goes. Pricey suckers ! But the truck is dead or a flower pot without them.
  4. Great job on making use of what's around. With that lathe you can reproduce and modify the parts as needed so your options are many. Hope you and your Boy have many hours of fun with whatever current project, The stories to tell for years to come at many events.That's what really matters anyway.
  5. Just a quick kick in the pants and a heart felt salute to all my fellow Jar Heads out there on the 241st Birthday of Uncle Sam's Unwanted Children . Some of the memories good, Some not so. God Bless the USA ! Semper Fi Rod
  6. I normally wrap the dist. in a plastic bag to help keep the water out. I have heard that WD-40 will help if water gets in.
  7. Welcome to the Best Forum for information and spare parts on the Web ! Pictures keep the natives happy here Rod
  8. Hank lives near my Folks about 20 miles away, I am there almost everyday to check in on them. Just talked to him yesterday, Hank is alive and well working on his next project. When I chat with him next, I will let him know he is missed here.
  9. Good looking truck, Welcome to the Forum. No idea what it will take to do the swap but if you were in So Cal( LA area ) I could introduce you to a gentleman who has done it. Where in CA are you located ?
  10. The So Cal Mopar Fall Fling is going to be on Saturday October 29, 2016 this year ! I plan on being there early, getting all the good deals. Anybody else planing on making it out there? Hope to meet some more of you So Cal Forum guys soon, Rod
  11. Nice score on the parts, Always a great day when you find the gems in the piles of twisted and bent steel.
  12. I have run across out of round tires before, Once mounted the tires were " marked " then he brought out a machine and shaved them perfectly round on the rim. He ID each side and made sure we knew not to rotate. Made all the difference, could not get to 35 mph before major shake and shimmy after was able to get up to freeway speeds ( 55 - 60 ) no problem.
  13. Welcome to the forum, Where in Socal ? There are a few of us truck guys in the South Bay & The OC
  14. Hey Mark, Might post this question on the truck side. The service manual might show a detail and if you do a search in the Tech section there are some great close up photos in the " PilotHouse knowledge " area .
  15. Have a Safe fun filled time,Sounds like a great road trip.Here's to a trouble free journey.
  16. I have the puller you could borrow as well, The post about pulling the cotter pin and driving around works too.
  17. Nice Score Bill, I'm sure with your skills and wild ideas this one will draw crowds from other parking lots. Good Luck, Looking forward to updates and one day seeing the beast run.
  18. Nice Job on the install Tony, Now a days those 12 V power ports are so useful and needed.
  19. RodFru2u


    Hi and welcome to the best Forum for these cars and all the FUN times to come. Have Fun with your "new" ride.
  20. Congrats on getting the car back on the road and in the wind, Now is the time to drive it and enjoy all your hard work.
  21. Welcome to the Forum Abe, Your project looks like it will keep you busy for many hours. The Dodge/Mopar show and swapmeet is later this month. The Spring Fling @ Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley is a great place to look for parts, They are few and far between. There are a few of us Car Nuts here in Los Angeles, So if you need a hand or body for dead weight, just give a yell. Rod
  22. Dane, From the lurking you have been doing, you already know the guys here have gone thru most of what you are about to attempt with your projects. Good Luck cuz looks like you have a FUN ride ahead of you. Welcome to the Forum. Hope you picked up a manual for them thar Cars, might need one or more.
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