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  1. Hey Old CWO , Yepp, I have a couple. First bring good walking shoes LOTS to see, acres of parts. Second, SKIP the first Six (6) rows { all VW parts }. Not alot of Vintage Mopar parts but there are some scattered around. If you are into Vintage or Modern Motor Cycles there is a BIG Swap meet at El Camino College in Torrance. It will be held the Saturday before Pomona ( 12 Oct. 2019 ). It is too bad you will not be in CA on October 26, 2019. The BIG MOPAR Fall Fling Swap meet happens. Way too many parts to take home.
  2. until
    This is one of the Biggest Mopar Swapmeets on the west coast. Dig thru boxes of rusty oily parts, So much darn fun. I get there at sunrise and done before noon. Lots to see and buy. Have met a few forum members there , Hope to meet more.
  3. Nice looking project on that trailer Mark, Good luck with it.
  4. Davin, Sorry to hear after all the time & money invested so far the low life bums have not finished the job. You did right by yanking it out of there . I have no doubt you will finish this project in time and it will be spectacular . Good luck & look forward to seeing you in 2020 . Rod
  5. Nice looking tuck , Welcome to the Forum. Good to see you are keeping your Grandson busy part of the day getting greasy. That;s what being young is all about. He will remember this time all his life.
  6. Yes I would be interested in 48 ~ 50 B2B front grill shot t shirt .
  7. I have used JB Weld with good results.
  8. Thank You Everybody ! With your help I was able to sign on , read and keep up with this GREAT wealth of information.
  9. The " Cleveland Style " U joints are straight forward, bend down locking tabs then use 7/16 box wrench to remove. Mark the relationship of driveshaft to rear end and transmission, otherwise you might get vibrations @. High Speeds. On my truck there was enough play / movement to slide the shaft clear enough to remove . A VERY easy job that can be done in one afternoon with all the parts there I ordered mine from Roberts Motors last year $ 150.00 + Shipping ordered on Monday , delivered by Wednesday afternoon,Back on the road Wednesday night
  10. Hot Rod Tractor, I had been Looking for set of SS bars for my '50 B2B for MANY years. Found the top ones from a (new) friend he only charged me $20 each for the top two SS they were pretty beat up & missing mounting brackets. I searched all over the US for bottom bar, the prices range from $ 1.200-1,400 restored for all three on flea bay .A few gentlemen from this forum had been keeping an eye out for me as well. I found a set but the we're too beat up for the amount they were asking plus they wanted WAY more then the cost to ship them. Took me 5 years of looking many false leads ( even bought some Stainless Steel to try & reproduce it ) But I found a man in Vernon Ca ( bout 3 miles away ) Bob the Bumper Guy . I pulled in with my missing Bar he came out took one look at my truck and said " I got what you need" . We spent the next45 minutes digging thru piles of chrome & stainless steel trim body moulding. And ther they were, a complete set. They were bent and.some missiing mounting brackets , he wanted $500 for the set. I only wanted/needed the bottom one & not having $500 to mount to the front of my truck I said so sorry. No thanks. He came back and offered the LONG ONE to me for $200, I wanted to jump all over it , but I knew I did not have that much cash on me. I pulled out every cent I had emptied my pocket, I had $91.00 he looked at the money then my truck , He took all my money then ,Gave me $ 1.00 back. I did not expect him to break up his set ,He said they had been there 40 years He had forgotten about them. So the bars ARE out there just have to be Lucky , Full of Cash . Good Luck in your Quest , Mine only took 5 years. Rod
  11. My 1950 B2B has the same U Joints, they are called "Cleveland style ". Roberts Motors had them for $ 75.00 each last year when I ordered mine.
  12. OK , Thank you I will give that a try
  13. Hey all computer experts, Lucky me picked up a 7 year old Samsung Tablet last week. I was able to see this website but no where is there a place/location on the screen to " Sign In " that I can find. I have been able to sign in on the apple devices I have used , the windows computers seem to work no problems also. Any of the Android Experts out in the WWW have any ideas I can check? Thanks for any and all help, Rod
  14. Great to see you are back on your project. Life happens in between.breaks.
  15. I am talking with a lady in Washington State who has the 3 stainless steel grill bars for my 1950 B2B for sale, I am missing the bottom longest bar however I do have the top two bars, So I am wondering if anybody is missing other bars who might want to go in with me on the extra bars? I have some pictures and they are not perfect but they look ok. Contact me and we can see what we can work out, Thanks, Rod
  16. Wow What a GREAT TIME we had at your BBQ Tim, Thank you and your Bride for a wonderful meal and party. Sorry we had to eat and run, I am sure we will be back up that way in the future for more BBQ and chatting with new friends. Happy to meet and put faces with those I have been chatting with . See you all again sometime. Thanks again Tim & Steph for an excellent adventure. Rod
  17. Hey all, Just a quick short note to all Southern California Mopar Car and Truck Owners. The Bi Annual Mopar Swap Meet @ Woodley Park In San Fernando Valley will be on April 8 - 9 this year, As usual I will be there early to snag all the " good" deals and leave the scraps for everybody else. I have met a few Forum members there and hope to meet many others if they are in the area My truck is running and my plan is to drive it till I break it, so I have plenty of room to haul all the jewels I find home. Anybody want to meet up ? The best and central place is @ the Cement Restrooms in between the swap meet and car show. My cel # 323 332 8326.
  18. Darn shame about that laynrubber, I just picked up 2 us gal @ $11.25 each ( with Auto Club discount ) from the NAPPA in So Cal. Even the guys behind the counter never heard of it. I had to show them in their own catalog then, I had to find it on the shelf ( that's why I bought 2).
  19. Those wipers are GREAT, even more useful in the rain. Good Job
  20. Fordchap, Did the little jumper wire fall out of breaker plate ?
  21. Good luck, You are going about it right. This way you will know the condition when you install it in your project.
  22. Not sure if it will work, Those fingers on the keepers DO grab the knurled caps, and stop them from moving. I am not sure why they did that, Perhaps you could use the old keepers and new bolts with those bolt tabs Just my 2 pennies worth.
  23. Hey Dav, Nice to hear from you, Yepp Hank has been most helpful while dealing with the all the fun breakdowns my truck and I enjoy sharing. I will drop you a PM and we can chat, Thank you for the offer. I plan on dropping in the floor shift this weekend to get the dead rotting carcuss back on the road, and ready for our next adventure. It sure has been fun, besides if it don't kill ya it sure makes for a great story. Life's Short, Gotta Enjoy it while you can !
  24. I found those Cleveland type U Joints @ Roberts Motors for $ 75.00 each. It was a perfect fit, Just remember to INDEX the drive shaft at the transmission and rear end.
  25. Had to dig up this old thread about my 3 speed column shift, Seems someone some time ago had their hands in my transmission. The only reason I know this,I had a problem with being able to shift as I got off the freeway here in So Cal. I managed to get to a parking lot to check out my problem. I found a milky fluid running out between the engine & tranny I am NOT a transmission expert or have even torn a transmission apart by myself, I figured with Hank's help and some good pictures I might tear into the guts to see what happened. Found some one must have lost the original countershaft locking plate and replaced it with a sub standard piece of scrap. After I had AAA flat bed my truck (50 B2B) to my Pop's house I called Hank ( my Expert), He came to my rescue again with a "clean" tranny case and guts just like mine. I told him there was a shaft sticking out the back of the trans, he said nope should be a lock plate with a bolt. Mine had 1/2 a lock plate. Long story short , remade substandard part, saw Hank's case with original plate twice the width of mine. Remade locking plate and replaced top plate and gasket, I never pulled the transmission just did it all from the top Well Poop happens, when the plate broke, the counter shaft slid out 1.5" and dropped the front washer in the case. I felt the grinding some when I shifted between some gears ( again SHOULD have listened to my " expert" and yanked the trans.). So we jacked the beast in the air with stands on all four corners and dropped the slush box. Ripped apart the box and found the front washer.had indeed dropped off the counter shaft and was sitting on a ledge in the case. HOWEVER when I checked the parts page picture I saw the front "washer" seems to show a "flat" washer and the two rear " washers" show a grooved ( I assume oil slingers) . For some reason whom ever had their hands in my transmission found things wrong and tried to correct them by just swapping parts. I found the front flat washer was now a broken rear grooved brass washer and the two in the rear were one flat and one brass grooved. Checked a few places, no luck so far. Reassembled the transmission with same size washers while I hunt some replacements and I will be installing the floor shift transmission trying to get out of the neighbors front window.
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