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  1. The mopar truck heater is one option but I think most of them were aftermarket parts anyway. I have one in my truck that is unknown as to the manufacturer but looks at home In the truck. There is an on/off switch that mounts to the lower edge of the dash but yours may also have a cable control for defrosting/venting.
  2. This might be a place to start. https://dcmclassics.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=Escutcheon+&submit_search= Good luck!
  3. If you pull that head bolt make sure you have some thread sealant handy.
  4. I bought a Champion radiator from eBay three or four years ago and it has been trouble free, price was $215 shipped.
  5. Here is a source where you can check by overall dimensions inlet/outlet size etc. I found one that was close and made it work. https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/air-conditioning-16770/heater-core-12446/b8e4def0b5a5
  6. I think the '48-'51 truck ornament was used through '53.
  7. I am in the process of rebuilding a '55 230, when installing the forward (#1) main bearing halves noticed that the oil groove in the two halves does not match up, in other words they are off set from one another. It seems that the lower half should be a mirror image of the upper half but I have two upper halves. The main cap only fits correctly one way. Any help? Thanks
  8. Here is a link to a forklift replacement seat, that might be a direction you could look into. https://www.amazon.com/MRK-SALES-SY1800-Universal-Forklift/dp/B004HPB69S
  9. Two things, 1) I am thinking about doing the headliner flat, 2) you make the assumption that I have hair.
  10. Those louvers look great, you really have motivated me to try my hand at upholstering the headliner in my truck! I can't get the abs panels locally and the freight alone on them would be about $200, may try bending plywood.
  11. You can add corn starch to water or oil base paints to knock the sheen down. Mix some in, filter out the lumps and spray or roll it on. Will have to experiment with the correct amount to get the desired sheen and add a little water/thinner as it does make the paint thicker.
  12. Tempered and laminated glass start out as float glass, both would be cut to the correct shape, slumped over a form to curve them, then two pieces would be laminated together with a sheet of clear vinyl between them or a single piece would be heat treated to temper it.
  13. Your photos look very vintage and remind me of this guys work (models with full size backgrounds). https://www.flickr.com/photos/24796741@N05/page1
  14. I had louvers punched in my hood this summer and it really made a difference with the heat soak issue. I positioned them so they don't interfere with the cowl vent.
  15. Your truck is looking really cool, love all the mods you're doing!
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