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  1. I had mine gone through at the local alternator rebuild shop in town and it works fine on 12v and there is an adjustment on the switch as to when the starter will engage, check the shop manual.
  2. I use a little JB weld to help hold the pipe in and minimize oil leakage. A propane torch can be used to soften the JB weld for disassembled.
  3. The rear end was from a ‘93 Cherokee, and the original drive shaft bolted up to it.
  4. The master cylinder and proportioning valve mounted underneath were off of a ‘93 Cherokee. Some don’t care for it because of the plastic construction and would prefer all metal look. Solga, I did post the info for you because you mention power brakes and Im not sure that is necessary. The dust storm or haboob is very unique to this part of the country.
  5. Mark, do you happen to have a speedometer for a B4? Thanks, Gary

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    2. The Oil Soup

      The Oil Soup

      Hey Mark, received the speedo yesterday afternoon, mailing payment today let me know when you get it. Thanks, Gary

    3. The Oil Soup

      The Oil Soup

      Hi Mark,

      Did you receive payment? Let me know. Gary

    4. ggdad1951


      yep all good hope it works out!


  6. I have disc brakes on the front, drums on back and Cherokee master cylinder, the truck stops fine without power assist.
  7. I used a Cherokee 8.25 rear (3.55) with drum brakes and it is slightly narrower than the stock rear but no problems with clearance.
  8. Make sure to file any snags off the pinch weld to prevent scuffing the new windshield gasket during the install.
  9. Here is a nice source of mopar cars, trucks and parts. I have no connection with this site and if this is inappropriate please delete. https://www.freedomcarauctions.com/auctions/7908-Great-Texas-MOPAR-Vehicle-Hoard-Auction?page=1&search=&sort=&lotsTotal=301&pageSize=100
  10. The pointer is held on by three or four spot welds on the timing chain cover and is easier seen from the drivers side.
  11. As I assembled my engine I would rotate it after every part or series of parts were installed using an 18” Crescent wrench to make sure it was not binding. Crankshaft, pistons and con rods etc., also slathering on plenty of assembly lube. Clockwise and yes two revolutions.
  12. I just put a 230 in my truck that had a 218 and from Dons post was aware there might be a problem. After measuring the distance from the mounting surface of the starter to the forward edge of the ring gear on the 218 and the 230, the 230 flywheel is about 0.180” further away from the starter mount surface, so that much was removed from the bell housing and everything is fine. Also had to back off on the clutch pedal adjustment slightly. Go for it!
  13. It might be a good idea to take a drift and flare the exposed end of the WDT to conform a little better to the opening.
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