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  1. It always stuns me how well some of these work trucks held up nicer than my daily driver LOL
  2. great truck going to be sweet great score keep us up on your progress
  3. OLD Air out of Texas Hurricane unit
  4. Impresive Not many people could have pulled off that restoration thumbs up
  5. thanks I'll lot at that does it just knock out can it be done with the grill on?
  6. Like the louver idea, but I have got a lot of stuff mounted to those inner fenders. Ok so I'm not alone in thinking to gets too hot under the hood. I too thought that the air would exit better out the bottom back Those large brackets that mount on each side of the radiator would have been a good spot for hole or vents.
  7. Just a question for all the guys on this thread that did a engine swap. It may help other who are planning. In my case I did a 360/727 with MMII and Puller electric fans, great cooing power on the fans real high cfm's engine temp is great but engine bay stays hot. Are you guys running with or without inner fenders? Just seams there's no way for heat to escape well if the air does not come thru the radiator there is no other path thru the grill because of the shrouding around. Engine temp never gets over 180 degrees but the bay gets hot enough to melt wires and make master cylinder super hot. Starting to worry about paint work ect. Let me know if there is something I missed or you did different. thanks
  8. Great job! great looking truck you should be so proud enjoy the fruits of your labor
  9. wish I had seen this before I brought my new roberts handles
  10. Had the same problem with Steele corner windows the only thing I can say is that once you get them on, go over board on the tape. Taping the gasket to the glass on both sides , had to break out aluminum tape to get this done. this was because I could not get masking tape to hold on the rubber when you started to put the window in. I feel your pain had my girl help me, she said never again.
  11. Wow, sweet ride Rats across the Pond too cool And I thought my engine was close to the fire wall! Bet you turn some heads, going to be some sore necks around town.
  12. great score I vote car hauler, it would look like pilothouse being carried piggy back by his big brother
  13. would look great on my porch LOL great job
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