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  1. Yup!. Full service stations, high school through college, 1977-1984 in Florida. Also, did light mechanical work. Got paid commissions too. Drove a big block SuperBee so knew all the local gear heads also. Station owners were some real characters back then. I still have some great stories to tell.
  2. I should advise anyone taking the body off of this era Mopar to not forget to remove the two middle carriage bolts that go through the frame's rear cross member at the very back of the car. I have seen these bolts referenced before, where exactly are they located? Are you talking about the two at the very back corners of the trunk?
  3. This is the kind of demonstration that gives me confidence to go forward and not worry about what little experience I have!
  4. Picked up a big block 383 that I will put into my coupe after I am done with the million and one things I need to 'fix' in order to make it street worthy of the big block. Already have a Ford 8.8 rear end and disc brakes all around. Definitely want it to be a safe driver. Had it running with the old 218 but can't really drive it where and how I wanted to with that motor. I know this is always a debate on this forum and I admire the guys that can keep the old stuff running satisfactorily!!
  5. Do the kingpins themselves actually 'wear out' or is it just the bushings?? A few years ago I attempted to replace mine with new ones bought from AB. Turns out they were slightly over sized in diameter. Didn't find out until I tried to put them in. Long story short, I got new bushings, used the old pins and reamed the bushings to size.
  6. Great. Thanks for the info and the picture!
  7. Plymouthy, did you have to cut the crossmember? Where on the frame did you attach the mounts?
  8. Picked up a 1968, 383 motor I want to put into my business coupe. I plan to use an automatic transmission. I know there isn't a big block swap kit out there. Anyone with experience with the swap? What did you do to place engine mounts, modify/cut cross memebers, firewall or floor mods? Header or exhaust manifold selection? I know I will need to locate it an inch or two to the passenger side to clear the stock steering box. Thanks
  9. Wow, New York must have been pretty nice at one time.....
  10. My condolences. Don provided a wealth of info to this site and was always helpful to me on my questions.
  11. I am a young and sexy 58. At least that's what the guy in the mirror keeps telling me.
  12. I had a helluva time bleading my system after I did the Scarebird on the front (Explorer disc rearend). I had to unbolt the front calipers and turn them to make sure the bleed valve was at the 12 o'clock before I could get the air out.
  13. If you lived near NC I have a 270 poly you could have. I appreciate that. Unfortunately I am here in Indiana so too long of a drive at this point, But, I will keep that in mind!
  14. That would be ideal for what I have in mind. I don't want to build a ground pounder and a Poly motor would be unique. I could call it a 'semi-hemi' and sound cool and all........
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