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  1. So sad to hear this news. When I was getting my '40 on the road back in 2005 Don was the main person on this forum who steered me through all of the teething issues I was having. I have enjoyed all of his posts ever since. My sincere condolences to his family. Phil
  2. I used Rhode Island wiring for the dash and engine compartment/headlight wiring on my D14. Excellent quality and perfect fit. Phil
  3. My '41 Dodge has a 3.73 pumpkin that I installed from a 55 Dodge. Not a direct swap since the axle splines are different between the two years. My '40 now has an overdrive transmission. Both options work great at 65 mph. Phil
  4. Andy, when you repainted your car did you remove the inside firewall insulation pad? On my '40 this is the only place someone in the future can find the original colour of my car. Phil
  5. Here are a few more interior pics. This is the best I can do until spring! Phil
  6. You are very welcome Wiggo. Right now the car is in winter storage but I will have a look to see what else I can come up with from my computer files (which are a mess ). Phil
  7. FWIW here is a photo of the front of my '41 Dodge D20 Kingsway Special manufactured in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Note that the grilles have more horizontal bars than the US version and the two are not interchangeable. I have also attached a photo of my dash, which is identical to the '41 Plymouth dash. Hope this helps. Phil
  8. I agree andyd. That isn't my car but one that has been seen around the internet for the past 10 or so years. I have a dark brown woodgrain on my '40 that a friend did for me many years ago. Under my dash chrome trim it looked like more of a light brown than grey. I think that whatever goes with your interior will look good. Phil
  9. Do a search in the off topic section and you will find lots of opinions. Phil
  10. That turned out really nice. Great job and a beautiful dash assembly. Phil
  11. After taking a 7 month break from wrestling with my door lock I thought I would have another go at it. Guess what, dpollo was absolutely correct. I re-read the shop manual and followed the brief instructions very carefully and within 5 minutes had the lock installed and working properly. The trick is to have the lock shaft turned to the correct orientation together with the door part in the unlocked position before inserting into the door. Thanks again dpollo. Phil
  12. As far as I know all 1940 Dodge cars had woodgrained dash and window surrounds with the exception of the convertible which was painted body colour. This photo shows an 'original' '40 dash. Note that the woodgrain is a light colour.
  13. I'll have another look but the stop is in the door latch mechanism itself. It won't turn any more than 90 degrees while the lock tumbler needs to go 180 degrees in order to remove the key.
  14. A simple question for the 40/41 Dodge and Plymouth owners. How far does your front pass. side door lock key turn before the key can be removed? I have just changed out the door lock (and also the latch assembly) on my '40 Dodge. I put the key in, turn it 1/2 turn (CW) and the door locks but the key will not release and it will not turn any further. The lock tumbler itself requires a full turn to release the key. The lock on the original latch assembly that I removed also will only turn 1/2 turn. I would normally check my '41 but it is still away in winter storage (and based on the storm that's on it's way this is a good thing!). The part number is different for the 42-47 door lock so it is possible that I have the wrong lock for my '40 or maybe I have assembled something wrong? Phil
  15. I first slide in a small diameter wire to get everything lined up and held in place. Then, while pushing hard against the panel, push in the pin against the end of the wire (pin goes in, wire slides out). Not at all easy but I just did mine this way. Phil
  16. On my '40 the large spring goes behind the panel (between the panel and door) with the large diameter against the panel (facing into the car). Phil
  17. I also have an electric pump mounted back near the gas tank of my '41. I use it only for priming the carb. Once the carb float bowl is full I shut it off and then start the engine. You know when the bowl is full because the sound from the electric pump changes once it starts trying to pump with no flow. The mechanical pump has no problem drawing gas through the electric pump. Phil
  18. Both of my '40 & '41 Dodges are like that. Phil
  19. Just out of curiosity, are the ends soldered or crimped to the cables? Phil
  20. Don't know if the solenoid for an R-7 is the same as that for an R-10 or not. Try calling Studebaker International ((317) 462-3124). They have new 6V solenoids for the R-10. I have one on my 1940 Dodge and it has been working great since 2011. Phil
  21. This is the oil filter and canister for the D24 engine in my '40 Dodge. Work fine together. Phil
  22. I knew that I had a pic around somewhere and I finally found it. Not perfect but you can see that there is a bracket (which bolts to the rear oil filter bracket bolt) that the spring is attached to. The bracket is just in front of the block welch plug. Hope this helps. Phil
  23. Very nice Dodge. Do you happen to have a photo of where the other end of the wire to the choke is connected to? Phil
  24. That is absolutely gorgeous.The color and stance are perfect. Great job. Phil
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