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  1. Aaron, What you really need in order to determine parts interchangeability is this Canadian Mopar Parts book. I found this at the Barrie automotive flea market many years ago. Not cheap but invaluable. Phil
  2. That is definitely not a D14. It is the Plymouth based Dodge that Andy described. Most mechanical items and the complete dash, tail lights and headlight rims are identical to the Plymouth's. I have both a 1941 D20 (Plymouth based Dodge) and a 1940 D14 (made in Windsor but almost identical to the US D14). Note that Canadian made cars all have 25 inch long blocks, unlike the 23 in. US blocks. Enjoy your car. p.s. there are a few Canadian parts sources but you have to really dig around to find them. I use Andy Bernbaum and Roberts in the US. Phil
  3. "The United States on Friday extended the closure of its land borders with Canada and Mexico to non-essential travel such as tourism through Sept. 21 despite Ottawa's decision to open its border to vaccinated Americans." Maybe next year! Hope you all have a great time on the picnic with your old MOPAR's. Phil
  4. Yes time is just flying by. I had already emailed Mark to add me to his list before he automated it. I will go in and complete my profile. Hope to see you in September.
  5. Hi Greg, As long as Covid is gone and the Canada/US border has reopened I will try to make it down there with my '41. The last time we met up was in Buffalo in 2014 (AACA meet). Here is a photo from that event (L to R, Chris, Greg, Phil). Phil
  6. So sad to hear this news. When I was getting my '40 on the road back in 2005 Don was the main person on this forum who steered me through all of the teething issues I was having. I have enjoyed all of his posts ever since. My sincere condolences to his family. Phil
  7. I used Rhode Island wiring for the dash and engine compartment/headlight wiring on my D14. Excellent quality and perfect fit. Phil
  8. My '41 Dodge has a 3.73 pumpkin that I installed from a 55 Dodge. Not a direct swap since the axle splines are different between the two years. My '40 now has an overdrive transmission. Both options work great at 65 mph. Phil
  9. Andy, when you repainted your car did you remove the inside firewall insulation pad? On my '40 this is the only place someone in the future can find the original colour of my car. Phil
  10. Here are a few more interior pics. This is the best I can do until spring! Phil
  11. You are very welcome Wiggo. Right now the car is in winter storage but I will have a look to see what else I can come up with from my computer files (which are a mess ). Phil
  12. FWIW here is a photo of the front of my '41 Dodge D20 Kingsway Special manufactured in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Note that the grilles have more horizontal bars than the US version and the two are not interchangeable. I have also attached a photo of my dash, which is identical to the '41 Plymouth dash. Hope this helps. Phil
  13. I agree andyd. That isn't my car but one that has been seen around the internet for the past 10 or so years. I have a dark brown woodgrain on my '40 that a friend did for me many years ago. Under my dash chrome trim it looked like more of a light brown than grey. I think that whatever goes with your interior will look good. Phil
  14. Do a search in the off topic section and you will find lots of opinions. Phil
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