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  1. Looks good, hope it works out.
  2. That no.'s not listed but I've just cross referenced the '42-'48 no. with my P15 parts book and realised that the no's quoted in the Hollander are for the complete steering box assembly, the housing body has a separate part no. not sure which one is stamped on the housing. As usual with old cars it's not straight forward.
  3. Is there a part no. on the box? According to the Hollander Plymouth used different boxes for the following years - '37-'38 Mopar no. 667206 '39 " " 691320 '40 854134 '41 867826 '42-48 953369
  4. Not sure on the Desoto but my P15 Plymouth's shaft is "3/4 dia. same as the Ford.
  5. This is timely as I'm just starting to look into what's required to rebuild the steering box on my '48 P15, according to my newly acquired Hollander manual the bearings no's for your '38 box should be - upper - Timken 5BC/6A lower - Timken 5BC/6C It list's the Ford '38-'48 bearings as - upper - Timken 5BC/6 lower - Timken 5BC/6C what the difference is between the 6 and 6A upper cup is I don't know. Annoyingly the Hollander doesn't list seals but if have the parts book or the original mopar part no. for the seal you should be able to cross refe
  6. If money's no object then I could live this in the garage - 1954 Plymouth Belmont concept
  7. Did this job last year, check out this thread. Ideally new bushes should pressed in and would recommend using new bolts as these wear too.
  8. Thanks for that, appreciate the quick answer. $26.23 sounds a good deal, I'll phone around to see if I can get someone to match it😉
  9. Hi all, quick question ,does any body know if a Dodge D24 steering box/column is a straight swap into a Plymouth P15. Regards ..... Simon.
  10. Not me, the car was painted by the PO just after he imported it. It's a 50's VW colour, a near match for the original Airwing Grey, the photo does flatter it.
  11. This set up worked for me with a small extension on the breaker bar !!! I brought a used puller but it had no dogbone to use the BFH on. Keep at it you'll win in the end.
  12. Here's what worked for me, I'd brought a used five leg puller that had no dogbone so had to use leverage rather than the BFH. Came off with quite a pop.
  13. My P15 cruises along nicely at 65-70mph in overdrive, has stock running gear and single carb for the mo..........
  14. Can you imagine the complaints you'd get from the nimby's these days! There's a large naval dockyard just down the coast from me where they've just built a housing development across the water and the new residents are complaining about the noise from the ships. I guess they didn't see the two aircraft carriers when they were buying their new home.You couldn't make it up.
  15. Here you go JSabah, just rotated them as described above. Great car by the way.
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