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  1. Just updating this thread, The silent block bushes I ordered arrived, Dayton RB1, and were fitted yesterday with no problems. Shown here with what i removed from the spring. I fitted nos shackles and bushes which i had to replace the worn ones. Also i fitted new lower shock mount studs which came from Speedway Motors part no.91036096. These were almost the same apart from a lack of a shoulder on the end which fixes to the mounting bracket, I got round this by pressing in a reducer bush to take the hole in the bracket from 5/8" to 1/2". One more job completed. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  2. I've ordered from Rockauto @ $18.50 a pair as their shipping to UK works out cheaper. I found them at truckspring.com @ $5.97 each but with shipping to me Rockauto worked out a better deal. I couldn't find a supplier over here. Thanks for your help.
  3. As usual nothing seems straightforward on this car. I've removed rear springs to find a previous owner had fitted the wrong silentblock bush. It looks like they'd found a bush with the right inner and outer diameter but too long and cut it to length but still too short and then added a washer between the bush end and the inside of the chassis mounting bracket, the bush on the other side of the car was the same so i'm assuming they had one long bush and cut it in half to do both sides of the car so it was no use for reference. The original bush had a mopar no. 1134486 according to my parts book and digging round the net came up with a cross reference to a modern part no. Dayton RB1 with the dimensions as follows- OD - 1-9/32" ID - 5/8" OD length - 2" ID Length - 2-5/16" On checking the mounting bracket and rear spring this seems to tally up so i've ordered these from Rockauto who had them listed for Dodge's of the same era but not Plymouth Desoto or Chrysler which are supposed to use the same bushing according to some sources, so we'll see what turns up. I'll update when I know more.
  4. I've got this one on my wish list... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1929-Chrysler-Fargo-Packet/372786355267?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Agree with your recommendation about using original silent block type bush, poly bushes are popular here for two reasons first there're available and secondly the quality of modern replacement rubber bushes is suspect at best, it's not unknown to be swapping them again after a few hundred miles!!
  6. Thanks for the reply's, all good info. A search of net brought up several truck and trailer places selling silent block bushing by size, i'll measure what I've got before removal and go from there. I'll update when I know more.
  7. Anyone know the dimensions of the silent block bushes that fit in the front of the rear spring on a '48 Plymouth as i need to change mine and I'm looking to find some locally here in the U.K. just need the size as I'm sure the old ones will be destroyed in the process of removal. Regards ......... Simon.
  8. Great weekend, Great people, Thanks go to Robin and crew for organising the event. Looking forward to next year. Mines the Grey Bus. Coupe in the first photo been on the forum since 2013, car was imported by the previous owner in 2012. It was built in L.A. and been around the San Francisco area for most of it's live that i know about. I've had to completely replace brakes, fit new fuel tank and have a new prop shaft made in the time I've owned it. Jobs for this winter include new screen rubber, investigate a knocking in the engine and fit new rear shackle bushes. regards to all ........ Simon.
  9. I had a new prop shaft made for my 48 Plymouth here in the UK cost me £315 (around $400 at todays exchange rate) it has modern uj's and a slip joint like dodgeb4ya's picture. New ball and trunnions joints were around $90 each end then I had to factor in shipping and duty and they still had to be fitted and maintained. New shaft is fit and forget except a couple of squirts with grease gun twice a year, I kept the original transmission and rear end. You should be able to take your original prop shaft to a specialist shop and they'll make you a new one to bolt back in. I would imagine the price of those original uj's is only gonna keep rising as they become scarcer. Regards........ Simon.
  10. Have you tried https://www.rockauto.com/ , shipping costs aren't too bad and import duty's included in their price so nothing to pay when the package lands unlike when using Royal Mail , you could always add a few other small bits, points, condenser, gaskets, etc, to make it more cost effective. Autolite 306 listed at £1.04 each. regards........... Simon.
  11. Hi GiraffeDan, The seals i used for my rear axle were as follows - Inner - National 470950 2.44" Outer Diameter 1.375" Inner Diameter 0.5" Width Outer - National 6241s I never did find out if the axle in my car was the original one or not but the seals listed above fitted it and are still good so happy days. Would recommend pulling the old seals first to get the part no. off them before ordering new ones if this is practicable. Hope this helps Regards........ Simon.
  12. Good to see your progress, look forward to seeing it on the road, I'll add my vote to leaving the paint as is. I can highly recommend Robins P15 picnic. Thanks for posting.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to post this build, got to love a wagon but then i'm a little biased, look forward to seeing your progress. Regards.......... Simon.
  14. Big thanks to Chris, Dean & Robin for organising the weekend, looking forward to next year. Nice photos........ Mines the '48 grey business coupe which was imported to UK in 2011 and I've owned since 2013. It came out of the LA plant, I only know some of it's history from the late eighties onwards gleaned from a large wad of receipts that came with the car and it seems it spent most of it's time in the San Francisco bay area with owners living in Freemont, Oakland and Los Altos that I know of. That would make a nice toolbox/bumper sticker😉 Regards to all ............ Simon.
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