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  1. I have a original 1941 De Soto and a 1948 Dodge Leadsled,so I appreciate both styles.And I really like your Dodge.
  2. I have a lathe....this is how I did it.
  3. Bought mine from EBAY.
  4. Looks like this on my late -48 Dodge.
  5. De Soto 1941,,,,,maybe too much silver! This is 20 years ago. Today I would do it with more black.
  6. I used thick paint,only one layer.Wipe off excess paint whit thinner soaked cloth.
  7. Welcome .I like your choice of car.I bought mine 1999,and I have a lot of fun with her. I`m sure you will too.
  8. 3.5 inch dropped uprights,3 inch lowering blocks.
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