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  1. When I bought this car a while ago, it came with Uni-lug wheels with 14" tires. I've recently got it up and running (and stopping) and it turns horribly with these tires on it. I want to get stock wheels and tires, but can't find the specs for them. All I know is they're 6.00X16.. But I'm not sure if that's the right ones, and I also need the tires size meant for that car.

    Thanks!! :)


    (best pic of my wheels that I could find)


  2. It's a 48 plymouth club coupe, I'm not sure what brand the lever is, it's fairly rusted over, I think it's a 'Trico' ? I re-wired it with 14ga wire, but can't figure out how to wire my turnsignals. The two yellow, and green wires go to the flasher. But that's as far as I got. Theres also a light at the end of the lever. That I also can't get power to. Theres not indicators inside the car apart from the light on the end.This is the only thing holding me up from being finished with the wiring. any help is greatly appreciated.

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