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    21 years USMC medically retired
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    Old cars, pre 1948 Love Desotos, I know its not a plymouth or dodge!!! Coaching Local High School Powerlifting Team. Got a couple girls that are training for the worlds in Spetember 2014!!!
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    1940 Desoto Sedan and two 1947 Desoto Suburbans. I know they are not Plymouth or Dodge but I am saving some of the best cars ever made when compared to the junk of today. I have my eye on a Dodge Hearse with dual side mounts if I can get him low enough.


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    Ft Worth Texas
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    old cars powerlifting

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  1. This will probably bite me in the butt with the cars I am going to bid on but here it is. FREEDOMCARAUCTION.COM Over two hundred cars for sale at high bidder gets regardless of price. Located in Stanton, Texas between Big Springs and Midland. All the cars are West Texas with the West Texas Rust shine! They are having a walk thru inspection the first part of October with the auction ending October 13th at midnight. Check out the web site, register and don't bid on my cars!!! Some have videos while others have just a few photos. Engines range from flatheads to hemi's to a 413 with th
  2. go to classiccarddatabase.com and just fill in what you want. you will find out your weight
  3. you can get some basic information by going to classiccaedatabase.com just fill in the information at the top
  4. I want to add some boost to my original 228 so I can make my 1940 a daily driver . Needs to handle the Dallas/Ft Worth highway system. I know getting more pressure would help. Recommendations from all of you in the know. Andy Bernbaum has a list of parts that he is selling that are bored over or undersize to get the extra power I want. Since it does get hot here, I want to add after market a/c. Does anyone have recommendations or have done the same thing I'm trying to do? I am tearing the engine down now and the block seems to be in good shape. Some of the parts seem worn but that is expected.
  5. I don't remember the name of the company but have you thought of having the steering wheel repaired? Surely someone can come up with the name or names of a company that does that kind of work. Try calling some of the companies that do the high dollar restorations. Post a pic of it and if mine is in better shape I may send it to you.
  6. Tombstone, I want to do the same thing to my 40 Desoto. I followed the instructions for using the search forum but got no results. Did you find anything when you searched the sites? Can anyone direct me to the correct area?
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