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    have a 50 desoto,50 plymouth fastback,51 dodge coronet and a 52 dodge pilothouse
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    DRIVER for an irrigation company


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  1. Nice looking, The upholstery looks to be in good shape
  2. Hang in there Bob were all pulling for ya!!!!
  3. Norm Grabowski passed away this morning
  4. I have a 230 in my 51 dodge and have been having problems with acceleration, I have checked the accelerator pump and it's working fine also checked fuel pump and replaced fuel filter no problems checked plug wires there fine and just adjusted the sisson choke according to the manual and it idles and runs great until the butterfly opens all the way up then it sputters and spits back thru the carburetor, Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm going in circles here..
  5. Just browsing the san francisco craigslist and a guy says he has a 1952 Dodge Journ??? Any Ideas on this one?
  6. Mine love's the old mopars as a matter of fact she's the one who pushed me to buy the desoto and ask's when's the next swap meet, they don't make many like that.....
  7. I drive a delivery truck and work the counter for an Irrigation company
  8. Sorry to hear,My Condolences go out to his familly and he will greatly be missed here on the forum..
  9. Nope, Still sitting pretty on my work bench, Haven't had much time to do anything other than work....
  10. Been there reg and you have one of the greatest views I've ever seen!!
  11. Cardboard for me, Have to agree I need taller jack stands to clear the "GUT"
  12. Happy thanksgiving to everyone, I'm doing all the cooking as usual this year but I don't mind everyone likes coming to our house, Makes me thankful to have food to cook I've been watching hundreds of people here in Sacramento standing in line for hours just to get a turkey so once again I'm very thankful.
  13. I have a 51 dodge and the wheel is silver metallic...
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