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  1. I'm in Badgad, near Frankfort.
  2. Welcome from a fellow Kentuckian!
  3. Congrats on your project. My first car was a P15 and I still have it. I just got it back on the road after 30 years in a barn. These things come apart much easier than they go back together. In a weekend, I blew it pretty apart and it sat for over 3 years in pieces because it was a bit overwhelming once I was staring at a pile of parts. It really wasn't a car at that point. As others are saying, resist the temptation to turn a manageable project into a massive project. What I finally decided to do was go with the Roadkill philosophy and just get it running, and only fi
  4. It's really interesting to see the distribution. At 52 I figured I would be one of the younger ones on here, but I see there's a good number younger than me. It's awesome news to see that this hobby and these cars may be around longer than I was fearing it would.
  5. I’ve got the engine and transmission back in so I can fabricate the cross member. I also put the mini starter on and checked the stock steering box fit. It looks like I will have to move it down and forward about 3”.
  6. The frame boxing is done. I’m glad to get that knocked out. I’ll clean it up and put some KBS rust seal frame coater on it.
  7. Thanks. I'm learning as I go. It's the Hobart Airforce 12ci. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the garage. https://www.amazon.com/Hobart-500564-Airforce-Plasma-Compressor/dp/B014V4LJWS
  8. I got the “Tanks” gas tank brackets fabricated and spot welded in place. The tank is for an earlier version of the truck, so you have to modify the brackets. A couple of pieces of 3/16 angle works good.
  9. Merry Christmas! I was able to get out and do some boxing on the frame. The little Hobart plasma cutter really made cutting the boxing go much faster.
  10. I have the engine mounted and now will start working on the transmission cross member.
  11. Doing a test fit on the new bracket.
  12. I got the first frame mount created for the motor mounts. I’ll get it ground down a bit more then paint it.
  13. I think we all can agree that we hope Pilothouse trucks fetching $50K becomes the norm.
  14. Yes. I plan on boxing the frame. Given this my first build, any other insights are appreciated.
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