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  1. Thanks Randy. Really appreciate your comments.
  2. Can anyone identify this radio and let me know the application? It is a Motorola. On the unit that mounts to the firewall on the chrome piece is the number 500. thanks.
  3. Thanks Chet. I am going to do a little shade tree engineering myself and see what works best.
  4. I wish i had an original. when i took the tail light off, there wasn't much to save. thanks.
  5. the ones from steel rubber are way too thick. gonna make my own from some left over weatherstripping. has anyone tried the ones from AB?
  6. Don, my lens looks exactly like the one in your picture. I think I am going to return them and figure something else out. that really sucks. waited to get them and cracked the lens. thanks.
  7. Has anyone used the tail light gaskets from Steel Rubber?? Is there a trick to getting these to stay around the lens? Was installing one and cracked the lens, the one I just bought with the blue dot!! So what is the secret?
  8. Nice ride!!! Those pictures would look great in black and white.
  9. thanks for your help everyone. i have a tach i will hook up and record the rpms.
  10. joined in 07 when i bought my coupe which is still work in progress and not running. bought the sedan in august for parts but decided to roll it since it is all complete. had it running the next day and been doing things to get it running right. had to replace the head which was wrong for the engine, complete brake job, interior done but not installed. carb just right now after replacing vacuum advance. sittin on a milk crate took it to fuel up and thus my inquiry.........
  11. After changing the vacuum on the carb, for now it responds great, i took my 1947 Plymouth for a ride. runs great but it seems to be geared real low. at about 40 mph the engine revs high, like i should shift into another gear. Solution or ideas? thanks
  12. Hello All, is Bernbaum the best place for all window rubber? also, i need the door sill rubber for my 1947 Plymouth 4 door sedan. thanks!!!
  13. Thanks everybody!! I will keep plugging away and share my findings.
  14. yup....The tag's first three digits indicate model/body style, followed by sequential body style. nothing about paint color.
  15. Hello All. Is there a way to tell what is the original color on my 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan? There are I.D plates inside the front door and another with numbers on the firewall. thanks.
  16. Straight Brass Truck Valve Stem 1 1/2" .625" TR501OVAL this is on eBay. hope it helps. here is the item number 170449986110
  17. bummer on the bumpers!! thanks. have a good one........
  18. Hello, does anybody know if the bumpers from a 1948 Chrysler Windsor will fit on a 1947 P15? How about the rear fenders? thanks.
  19. going to leave the Fulton Visor and Fog Lights when I finish my P15, just the way I found it!!
  20. I have a set of 15 inch rims I want to put on my 1947 P15. I noticed this afternoon that the hole for the air valve is oval. Is that going to be a problem if I want to use radial tires? thanks
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