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  1. Look at where the rear wheel well opening is in relation to the tire in pic #4, wow, some kinda hit.
  2. Yes, almost looks like a chopped top doesn't it?, especially at the rear, I wish it had the Ski Hi rear winsow, the 61 Phoenix I used to have had that rear window and it really looks good, but in the summer, God help you if you were ridind in the back seat, tou could literally look up and see the sky. If I'm not mistaken the 1961 Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodges had the drivers seat that was taller than the passenger side as this one does.It doesn't have the square or sparkle clear steering wheel but he did put an Imperial square steering wheel in the trunk that I'll redo and install.
  3. Beutimous 1961 Plymouth Fury, that's the car i wanna be buried in! unusual color for a 61 Fury.
  4. If you look at the 1961 silver gray Phoenix in the pics below, the upper tail lights are an accessory, the tail lights on the non Polara's are way down low on the corners and just above the bumpers, I heard there were accidents caused by the low and smallish tail lights, so Ma Mopar came out with the one's you add on at trunk level, also on the Phoenix below, the round red tail lights are backup lights and I have never seen them red before they are always clear. Mine doesn't have the trunk level tail lights, but i think I have some NOS one's stashed around here some where, but not sure if i will use them, it's a cleaner look without them, i think, but I don't relish the idea of someone rearending me either.
  5. maybe true, but that's a Polara not a Phoenix, Pioneer or Seneca. little different, kinda like I think a convertible better than a four door, apples, oranges, and opinions. and the jacked in the back look ain't for me either, don't get me wrong, the Polara is a nice looking car.
  6. That 4 door looks great, i think the color really makes that car, nice.
  7. Well said, I agree, and as a lover of 61 dodges and Plymouths, I like different, makes the world a more interesting place.
  8. I drove her around the block a few times, some guy waved me down and wanted to know about the car, then he wanted to know if she was for sale, i said, sure 8500, he said I'll be down to talk to Ya, course money talks and BS walks, but ya never know. I could use the cash for the new project I found, 1 of 54 1960 Fury's with the 395 Golden Commando 383, guess I'll never have a car to drive, always two birds in the bush is better than one in the hand, I'll never learn, but sho is fun findin' um.
  9. The 61 pioneer arrived this morning, washed her, polished, rub her, and drove her. Just thought I'd share
  10. I guess I gotta get some coffee and settle down.
  11. Man, I went and turned up the thermostat just looking at the pics, Manitoba, isn't that Inuwit for "don't come here, to much damm snow"
  12. you can have mine, it's pretty wore out though
  13. A guy here in Covington had a 47 coupe i believe, he told me he used a Mustang tank in his car, $100 bucks or so and mounted just like yours, stupid me, I went and bought a stainless fuel cell. That looks real good there. I think he said he built up around it so the trunk would be flat.
  14. Since it's b coupe, i could X frame right in back of the seat for side to side strength and run X stffeners through the bulkhead on either side behind the seat to stiffen it front to back, lower the whole thing and run a cut down 12 to 14 inch windshield with no top bar. Wish I could afford Photoshop and knew how to use it.
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