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  1. Thank you Casper. I will try buy them.
  2. Yes, some more pics would be helpful. Specialy from the area where it is atached to the doorpanel
  3. Hello, I still haven't found the armrests yet. I am hoping some of you can help me with this. If you could post here some pictures and information of measurements, I could make them on my own.
  4. Hello, I am looking for arm rests and I found this http://www.robertsmotorparts.com/store/arm-rest-brown-replacement-style-dodge-truck-plymouth-truck-fargo-truck-1934-1953-1-1-1-1 Can they be the same or are they different for my car? Can you guys post here some detaild pictures of original arm rests?
  5. You need to be more specific about which "window bar" you need.

    Do you need the outside windshield divider bar,the divider trim bar on the inside,or do you need both?

    If it is the door glass divider bar you need,do you just need one side or both sides?

    You need to be specific if you hope to get any replies.

    I am NOT trying to be "snotty". I'm just trying to help you. I most likely have the door window divider bars,but IIRC,I had to buy one from ebay for the P-15 coupe I sometimes drive. I have no idea why,but they seem to be pretty hard to find.

  6. About green colour. There was only one place with good original paint. It was inner side of the name plate. The right tone we got by "hand craft". We did not find chance to make right tone by modern colour code. I hope I can have the code of these paint by the Standox.
  7. Yes, you are right, Dale. These stainless strips are really hard and does not allow the bending. Especially in front by the smaller radius. I think I will replace these to soft fender felt.
  8. Hello Gentlemen. I hope again in your help. I need door inside upholstery panels. At first I would be thankful for pictures about the panels. Did they change the shape during 1946-1948? Thank you. Leevi
  9. Thank you Gentlemen for nice words. Sorry, pflaming, what you mean in your question?
  10. Thank you Cpt.Fred for nice words. Yes it should be connected to the dual heater. But I have only right side heater. It is enough for our climate in the summer time. Left side hole will be just open or shut. I am not sure about it. All the best. Leevi
  11. Hello again. May be really some one have the fresh air adapter for sale. My working process has stopped behind that. Thanks.
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