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  1. Loving my Truck. Just need to try and get a bit more speed out of her. Getting about 40 mph. 360 Flathead 4 speed. Don't believe you can buy ring and pinions for these anymore can ya. Maybe a 5 speed transplant is in need, would take care of the no syncro tranny also. Anyways sorry for rambling I just wanted to share my truck with the group. Have a great weekend! Scott
  2. jeffsunzeri thanks however I don't think anyone should reconsider Vintage vehicle ownership. Or reconsider anything they want to do for that matter! As far as doing it right there are many ways to do things and if it's what a individual wants to do to there own vehicle then I consider that right! Not every vehicle needs to be completely bone stock.
  3. No I havn't ggdad1951 I will check it out. Thanks, Scott
  4. After I saw the price of the GV I figured I'd rather spend that on a 4bt or 6bt and more modern dually rear and trans. I would really like to drive this 4 to 5 times weekly. Possibly a trip or two. I also think the diesel rates and sound would be cool coming from this truck. Unless I'm thinking wrong this will probably be my best and unique combo for daily driving and 65 or so highway speeds. Lots of work but in the end she should be able to do anything I ask of her and last forever. Oh and look bad to the bone doing it.. LOL
  5. Thanks for the kind comments and brainstorming. 48Dodger I was actually looking at the 4bt and even 6bt. I love fabricating, (actually bent the entire frame on the bike, started with just straight tubing) was thinking I could box the frame and a few other things. You wouldn't be able to point me in a post were he has info on doing the swap would you? I understand all sides on the disc brake no disk brake, 45 is fast enough these trucks weren't designed for faster speeds ect. However I believe that it would be way cool to use it instead of having it hide in a garage somewhere. For instance would love to tow my boat to go fishing, take my kayaks bike and camper camping. Go on a small trip with it. So I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have really been leaning towards the Cummins deisel 4bt or 6bt with a different trans and newer dually rear end. She would at least be all dodge have power for days, and cruise at a safe speed down the highway. Lots of work, but I enjoy that kind of stuff.
  6. Thanks guys! I'm one of those people that think there is always a way. I'm leaning towards a transmission adapter to put a 5 speed in her. Do you guys no if I can buy gears to swap into the rear? Maybe another dually rear you guys have found that works? Or what I would need to look for in junk yards? She would then still be running the flat head have a standard in it with dually. Would look the part but maybe be able to cruise a bit faster. Thanks again for all your thoughts! I absolutely love this thing!
  7. The truck doesn't have anything on the dash referring to a 2 speed rear end. Truck was restored 15 years ago so could have been removed. Could you explain what I should look for to see if I by chance do have one. Also how to engage it if I do. I'm a fabricator of motorcycles and own a couple classic cars, so I'm very mechanical just new to this old of a truck. Alway wanted one and love the smile it puts on my face!
  8. I was even thinking about a gear vendors overdrive but not sure if that would work?
  9. By the way I would like to say thanks ahead of time for all your help.. Without forums like this and people like you guys sharing your knowledge, it would be awfully hard learning what works and what doesn't without spending a lot of money in trial and error. So a big thanks goes out to everyone.
  10. I have no problem replacing transmission. Would regear the rear-end if that's possible on these earlier rear ends also. I understand the brakes issue and at this point unless I can run faster not concerned with them at this time. I would just like to keep the farm truck dually look with stock motor. By the time I implant a larger motor and new trans. I would rather spend it in edgy parts and a overdrive or new trans and keep my flat head. Just wondering if anyone may have the magical combination or idea of on.
  11. I have a 1934 1 1/2 ton dually stake bed. The previous owner completely had engine rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago. I'm getting a top speed of 45 if she is lucky, and that seems normal from the info I can find. Am I chasing my tail trying to keep the 218 and the dually rear end and try to get 65 out of her? Would just love to keep her original and still take her on a trip or two. Anybody can drop a v8 in them. Thanks so much for your time! Scott
  12. Should be getting it back shortly will let you know and will also post pics for everyone to see. He said the final price would be 300.00. Scott
  13. Not much going on with project as I'm redoing my 64 GTO at the moment. However, did want to let you guys know I sent in my dually flat bed front axle in to be lowered 3"s. I sent it in to http://www.droppedaxles.com/DODGE_AXLES.html I will let everyone know how it goes. Seemed real nice to deal with on the phone and did tell me he is very busy this time of year with car shows so It might take awhile but I let him know it was no problem. Scott
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