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  1. anyone know of a source for rocker moulding clips for d24 or what can be used inplace of originals
  2. Thanks for the info I guess no one has installed one of these made for 1948 plymouth radiators in a 1948 dodge.Champion and speed daddy both refer to the fitment chart that states the radiator does not fit a 48 dodge i am not convinced does anyone have a cross referance parts book and would check if a 1948 plymouth radiator would fit a 1948 dodge thanks dennisf
  3. thanks earl did you need much modification dennis
  4. i have a 1948 dodge d24 needs a radiator has anyone installed a plymouth or universal alum. radiator what problems thanks dennis 1948 dodge 4 dr 1939 dodge half ton you do not do your own work and the rust is at the acceptable limit for you and it drives out nicely..still your call as location and availability play greatly in price. But if you thinking of grabbing it now and down the road considering body and paint, interior work..these cost must be factored at this time...doing your own paint and body will save mucho money..paint even by even a small body shop that is fast on the draw with a paint gun can run a chunk...weigh the total car against your end goal..price accordingly..fluid drive cars are still on the road after all these years and doing fine..
  5. i had two failures with the pin working out of airtex pump called airtex they have not heard of problem maybe more calls to airtex will help. I am ordering pins as dan suggested but with cotter pins instead of clips i will post results
  6. Again thanks for the input My D24 was pretty much untouched when i bought it It did not have the insulators. The holes in frame are not large enough to fit the insulator, only the steering box bolts. If the insulators are installed it would move the box so the car would have to be re aligned. Do the cars with the insulators on the frame have the 4 small round insulators in the pitman arm ? Dennis
  7. Thanks for all the help I think I understand the set up for my Dodge Steering box. I have the insulators from Bernbaum but do not have the three washers (Ferrels) or the three metal sleeves that fit over the bolts can anyone help me with these items. or maybe the measurements and I can make them Thanks Dennis
  8. I may be missing something but from photos ive seen on the forum the insulators are installed flat side to the frame. can anyone tell me the proper instalation proceedure.do the washers fit over the protrusions and fit into the bolt holes in the frame. does anyone have a vehicle without the insulators Thanks Dennis
  9. I rebuilt the steering box on my Dodge d24 The car appears to be original There are no rubber insulators between box and frame Can anyone tell me if they are necessary or if some vehicles came with out them. I replaced the four insulators in the pitman arm all parts are from Andy Bernbaum and seem to fit and are good quality Thanks Dennis 1047 Dodge WC 1948 Dodge D24
  10. Thanks I think I will make a wooden brake tool it seems to bed the easiet Again thanks You guys are the best Dennis
  11. Did anyone have any expierance with the home made brake tool from the Plymouth owners club ? Maybe have directins for making the tool Thanks Dennish 1947 Dodge pick up 1947 Dodge 4dr sedan
  12. i have a 1948 dodge car fluid drive i can buy a 1947 plymouth car trans not fluid grive i read that the trans is the same but the pilot shaft has to be changed this is a fairly simple proceedure has anyone done this thanks dennis 1947 dodge wc 1948 dodge 4 dr sedan
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