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  1. Hello Larry. Some years ago i had a problem on my 47 windsor with the same symptoms, after checking so many things i found the problem! Where the fuel enter the carburator,seat of the float needle part no.690676,there is a rubber seal where the needle close,that hole in the rubber was too little and i decided to drill to open it and it was just that. There wasn´t enought fuel when the car reachs 50/60 MPH. Check this on the carburator its easy to do. From Portugal Paulo
  2. Hello Windsor48 I had some years ago the same problem on my 47 Windsor. After spending money on a new fuel pump,check everything eletrical,the problem was simple. Where the fuel enters on the carburator its the float needle seat,ok. Part number 690676 on my book. Inside of that on my case there is a rubber hole that over the years closes and at a moment there wasn´t enough fuel going into the carb. Open a little without damage the needle seat and go on road drive 60-70 mph without any problems for more 70 years!!!!!!!!! I hope this may help you. From Portugal
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