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  1. I took the wife and my boys out for lunch on Monday in celebration of my wife remaining married to me for 18 years. An obviously blind cripple driving a Buick Enclave pulled out in front of us not even stopping before making a rt. turn on red. Had I not installed front disc brakes and been running radials, I know that I would have hit him HARD. It was that close! I mean, I guess I can just keep my car in the garage and only drive it in my driveway. I get the impression that that is what a lot people do with their antique cars. The majourity of the incompetent drivers out there have no concept of what is safe. They get away doing stuff where Honda Civics can give them the space they want. I don't modify my car to go fast. I have made them to keep my car safe from the incompetent that tailgate, swerve into a space just barely big enough for their car to fit, and idiots that pull out with less than two car lengths space. They don't care about their own vehicles and they care even less about mine.
  2. I made the mistake of ordering a sweet tea in Chattanooga. More like tea stained syrup! I always order non-sweet now, and add my own sugar.
  3. What is "pure straight gas"? I've never heard of such a thing. Gasoline has always been a mixture of various organic compounds. Please define "pure straight gas." Is it 100% heptane? Who carries it? Do you mean ethanol-free gasoline? If you do, why not just call it ethanol-free?
  4. Sorry to be resurrecting this thread after almost 7 years, but I am wondering if this conversion can be done with the OE u-joint or is an upgrade also necessary to connect the 8.8" Ford rear?
  5. OK. I read through this thread a little more thoroughly. I see you got a Wix 24755 filter head which will take a Wix 51050 (or any of the various interchange filters), and that you used 4AN nitrous line. How long of lines did you use? I'm thinking 24"? The block and this filter head are both plumbed 1/8" NPT. Converters for 4 AN to 1/8" NPT are currently readily available. I think I am set now. Parts are ordered.
  6. bones 44 and MWPauly09, I'm wanting to make the same conversion on a 218 pulled from a '52 Plymouth. I'd be interested in knowing more about your set-up and where you got parts. Seems like the biggest problem is plumbing the 1/8 NPT oil ports on engine to filter head. Where did you get your hoses or converter to make work?
  7. I used to get recruiters calling me all the time telling me that I could make lots of money in California. I usually tell them that I am not interested in moving to California. The smart ones wish me well and move on. There are other headhunters that obviously think I'm some dumb hick being from the Midwest. The salary ranges they usually quote me are about $100K light. They think I will jump at a 50% increase and that I don't know about CoL. I've even had some try to HR-splain me and try to tell me that Los Angeles isn't much more than Topeka. I usually just hang up at that point.
  8. I am planning to pick up a L6 that came out of a '52 Plymouth. I want to haul in my '01 Dakota. I've never done this before. I would appreciate your suggestions to haul safely and undamaged for a three hour trip.
  9. I've lived in a few states that required plates both front and back, but I just ran with a plate on the back and club plate on the front. I never got questioned about it. I did get pulled over once for "driving a collector vehicle after dark." I explained to the officer that I had regular registration, buying new tabs every year, and was not bound by the state's collector registration limitations. He was too head up to crack down on collector plate abuse to take the time to check first that I didn't have collector registration. I've also been pulled over for using hand signals and not having operating brake lights at the corners. I didn't get a ticket for any of these because I was right, would have gone to court to prove it, and officer would likely suffer career consequences for losing in court.
  10. What modifications are you making to your car to get the 25" truck engine to fit? Was the car built in Canada?
  11. Or you can just use a tubing bender to put a 90 degree bend in the line, but what do I know.
  12. With a part number just about any local parts store should be able to cross reference and get you a new wheel cylinder.
  13. It matters because eventually there will be idiots claiming that "green" conventional coolant is alkaline when it most definitely is not. When there are people claiming that one can inflate balloons by mixing vinegar and baking soda to make helium (carbon dioxide is formed, it isn't lighter than air, and the reaction won't produce enough pressure to do much more than puff up a balloon a little), and even more people believing it: one needs to be factual.
  14. I always have to chuckle when customers tell me they need a new headlight bulb, but "nothing fancy like halogen or anything," if we have any of the old style organic brake fluid, and that their 5 y/o car is an old beater. My newest car is 7 years old. I still buy the best for my '97 Neon, and probably always will since it will be officially collectible in January.
  15. If it were my vehicle, I would be going with a modern spin-on filter. The sealed canisters were easy to get 20 years ago, but almost impossible to find now. The same will be true of the drop-in canisters soon enough.
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