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  1. And be sure to check your heat riser for proper operation.
  2. Excellent Greg, that does sound like a good option as someone suggested. California does allow restoration of vintage plates.
  3. Thanks for all the info, I've checked the latest pdf. on yom plates and restoration is allowed, just duplication is not. I will try to get mine passed in the original state as they are first, as I might run into problems with uneducated dmv personnel trying to present restored plates.
  4. Great job indeed and look very original. Thanks for posting.
  5. Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
  6. Make sure the front and rear shoes are not swapped on the front wheels. It may be that they are different lengths, as in the front shoe may need to be the longer one. Check your shop manual.
  7. Yes, I can see the improvement alright.
  8. Wow, those are in pretty good shape. How do you deal with the registration stickers? Did they supply you with an official extension plate?
  9. Lots of interesting info here, thanks to all for taking the time.
  10. Great tip...my plates are unfortunately not very straight, this is a good method with plates in good condition. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of someone in the Socal area that does vintage license plate restoration?
  12. Looking for some input or thoughts on General tires. I'll be buying a set of black wall 6 × 16 bias ply tires from Lucas Tire for it soon and welcome input as to which brands are known to be good or better than others.
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